Professor Tom Fearn

Position Professor of Applied Statistics, Head of Department
Phone (external) 020 7679 1873
Phone (internal) 41873
Email(*) t.fearn
Themes Multivariate and High Dimensional Data, Biostatistics, Computational Statistics


Biographical Details

Tom Fearn

Tom Fearn is Professor of Applied Statistics in the Department of Statistical Science at UCL and the current Head of Department (a position he also held from 2002-2007). He has a BA in Mathematics from Oxford, an MSc in Statistics from Imperial College and a PhD in Statistics from UCL. Before joining the Statistics Department at UCL in 1989 he worked for 11 years at the Flour Milling and Baking Research Association in Chorleywood.

Research Interests

Tom has a general interest in applied statistics and has worked on applications in many areas including food and agriculture, analytical chemistry and medicine. He has a particular interest in near infrared spectroscopy, and the ‘chemometric’ methodology that has been developed to deal with the high-dimensional data that arises from this and similar applications.

Selected publications