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Current Projects


A large-scale research project funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program, investigating factors that promote or hinder the development of effective anti-corruption policies.

Global Informality Project

The Global Encyclopaedia of Informality is an interdisciplinary research project led by UCL SSEES. It will provide the first multimedia online resource that explores informal practices and structures from a global perspective.


The INFORM project consists of 40 researchers across 9 countries, led by UCL SSEES. It aims to understand current situations in the Western Balkan countries through study of the interaction between the formal institutions brought about by EU integration processes and the informal institutions existing in the Western Balkan countries.

Socialism Goes Global

This project addresses both how socialist states in Europe crafted a global role for themselves in the postwar period, and how these international engagements reshaped socialist politics, societies and cultures ‘back home’. In doing so, it seeks to provide new insights into the circulation of ideas during the Cold War and to explore ‘the socialist world’ as a dynamic hub of global interactions during the second half of the twentieth century.


Strengthening scientific and research capacity of the Institute of Economics, Zagreb as a cornerstone for Croatian socioeconomic growth through the implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategy.

Past Projects

Obninsk- The First Russian Science City
Conference Grant: Trust and Distrust in the USSR
Forced Trust: Emotional Bonds Between People and State in Soviet Russia (1917-1991). A History of Trust and Mistrust
Innovation and Knowledge Based Entrepreneurship as Links Between Knowledge, Economic Growth and Social Well-Being (AEGIS)
Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles of East Europeans in London (SALLEE)
Probabilistic approach to assessing macroeconomic uncertainties (PRAM)
The Nordic and Baltic States in the European Political Imagination
The Hungarian Customary Law Tradition
The Business Start-Up Financing, Institutional Environment and Characteristics of the Entrepreneurs
Political Violence in Russia 1901-1911
Connecting Communities via Language: Reading Strategies and Translation Skills
East Looks West: East European Travel Writing on European Identities and Divisions, 1550 - 2000
Foreign Direct Investment, Governance, and Firm Performance
GRINCOH - Growth-Innovation-Competitiveness: Fostering Cohesion in Central and Eastern Europe