Centre for Rheumatology and Bloomsbury Rheumatology Unit



The centre undertakes clinical and basic research to increase our understanding of the cause of musculoskeletal diseases and improve their management.

As well as seeing around 3,000 new patients and 15,000 follow ups annually, the centre undertakes an enormous amount of clinical and basic research aimed at increasing our understanding of the cause of musculoskeletal diseases and improving their management.

The research component of the centre is based in laboratories part funded by the Arthritis Research UK (ARUK) in the Rayne Building (University Street). 

Our laboratory based research focuses on the structure, function, origin and pathogenic consequences of autoantibodies; B and T cell regulation, lipid rafts and the molecular effects of statins. 

We hold an Oliver Bird PhD programme grant from the Nuffield Foundation, two program grants from the ARUK, several research fellowships (ARUK and Welcome Trust funded) and many projects grants.   Its success can be judged by our total grant income being in excess of £9,000,000 in the past four years, and outside of its institutes, is the largest single centre beneficiary of ARUK funds in the UK (all achieved through competitive awards).

Dr Jo Cambridge
Prof Mike Ehrenstein
Prof Rodney Grahame
Prof David Isenberg
Dr Elizabeth Jury
Claudia Mauri
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