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Non Academic Careers Information

Below we have compiled a range of resources that can help you build up a better idea of what careers are open to you beyond academic research and to enable you to gather important, practical, information about future careers that will allow you to make effective decisions..

Career Help sheets

Some career options for:

Most of the above are produced by The Careers Group, University of London.

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Career Change Case Studies:

A great way to generate ideas about alternative careers, as well ways to find out how to make a successful career change, is to find out previous researchers have done this successfully. Such Career Case studies are available:

  • UCL PhD Career Destinations, UCL Careers Service was comissioned in 2010 to survey the career destinations of UCL research students who graduated between 2004 and 2008. 115 graduates were successfully interviewed. You can examine the results in the downloadable documents (arranged by faculty). A summary of the overall findings are also available as a Powerpoint presentation.
  • What do Researchers Do? Career Stories from Vitae, The national website for researcher development. A collection of 40 career profiles.  These career stories provide insights into the paths that doctoral graduates take beyond their first destination.
  • Beyond the PhD. Offers an opportunity to listen to the experiences of those who have been through the PhD in an arts and humanities discipline and made the transition into a variety of work beyond it. Their candid personal reflections on facing challenges, responding to opportunities and reaching decisions are captured in segments of audio-interview.

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Books on Career Change and Other Options:


Moving On in Your Career. A guide for academic researchers and postgraduates. Lynda Ali and Barbara Graham. Reference copy available in the UCL Careers Library.

Alternative Careers in Science, Leaving the Ivory Tower. Edited by Cynthia Robbins-Roth. Reference copy available in the UCL Careers Library.



How to Change Your Career
This booklet aims to help you assess your options and make more informed decisions. Collect your free copy if you are currently employed by UCL, from the UCL careers service.

Alternatively we can post you a copy via internal mail if you Email your UCL address to us.


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Online Careers Information:



University Researchers and the Jobs Market. A practical career development resource for research staff. It is intended to offer support and encouragement to researchers who are considering their next career move, either inside or outside of academia.



Vitae - Researchers' Portal: Has information on job opportunities in higher education and other employment sectors, as well as advice on managing your career and marketing yourself to employers.



Science Careers from the journal Science. Lots of useful information on careers outside academic research (but also within academia)



Graduate Prospects: The UK's official graduate careers website. Has an extensive occupations library as well as 'Job Matching' programme. Has an undergraduate student focus but can be useful for exploring the employment landscape beyond academia.



Careers Tagged: An interactive on-line careers library from the Careers Group, University of London.



WouldLikeToTeach: Created by the Doctoral School at the Institute of Education as a free service to help research staff and doctoral students find teaching opportunities in Higher Education.

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Careers Research through Networking:


A great way of exploring the full range of careers that are open to you is to attend Careers-related fairs, forums and networking events. In this way, not only can you gain insider knowledge of a particular occupation / sector but by making the right impression you may enhance your chances of securing a future position. For further advice on effective networking and practice job hunting visit the UCL careers service library or download our 'Effective Networking' (add link) and 'Job Hunting' help sheets.



Nature Careers Job Expo Event: A dedicated science career fair promoting careers in the UK and Europe. Sectors covered include industrial research, research organisations or academia and public, private, national and international organisations are represented.



Nature Network: A site with Blogs, Forums and events with the aim of facilitating contact between scientists.



One Nucleus: A business network of over 800 organisations and 2000 individuals from all facets of the industry: academic, biopharma, professional services, finance, law and facilities. One Nucleusstrives to provide members with relevant information and networking opportunities to foster industry interactions and innovation.



Careers Group, University of London- Events: UCL Researchers have full access to all the events provided by the Careers Group.


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Referrals to Third Party Sites

Referral to an internet site, publication or organisation from our site does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by UCL Careers Service. Items are included in good faith but we are unable to guarantee the quality/style of all references. If you encounter problems or omissions please let us know so we can make amendments to our information.



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