Our public policy strategy is being taken forward by the Office of the UCL Vice-Provost (Research).

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UCL Public Policy Strategy

Academic research and expertise can play a vital role in informing public policy, to ensure that policy is robust, thoroughly considered, and has the greatest chance of success. UCL believes that as a leading university, we have an obligation to ensure that public policy takes account of the latest knowledge and evidence. 

UCL Public Policy aims to strengthen links between UCL researchers and policymakers and to provide specific opportunities for engagement.

 The aims of the UCL Public Policy Strategy are to:

  • help translate and implement examples of research and expertise which are not as yet making the highest level of public policy impact
  • further develop UCL’s reputation as a source of high-quality research which can inform policymaking, and as a place to go for evidence-based policy solutions that have been tensioned between disciplines
  • establish UCL as a hub for dialogue and debate on public policy
  • capture, publicise and support examples of existing UCL impact on public policy
  • helping to introduce into policy the wise solutions developed through UCL Grand Challenges.

Through the development and implementation of our strategy, we will:

  • identify research with relevance for public policy
  • develop UCL’s contacts with those involved in policymaking and partnerships with appropriate public policy organisations
  • develop a public policy events series, with key policy formers and media in attendance
  • issue working papers and policy briefings on a number of key public policy topics
  • identify policy outputs from UCL’s Grand Challenges activity.

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