Our public policy strategy is being taken forward by the Office of the UCL Vice-Provost (Research).

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UCL Public Policy Strategy

 The aims of the UCL Public Policy Strategy are to:

  • help translate and implement examples of research and expertise which are not as yet making the highest level of public policy impact
  • further develop UCL’s reputation as a source of high-quality research which can inform policymaking, and as a place to go for evidence-based policy solutions that have been tensioned between disciplines
  • establish UCL as a hub for dialogue and debate on public policy
  • capture, publicise and support examples of existing UCL impact on public policy
  • helping to introduce into policy the wise solutions developed through UCL Grand Challenges.

Through the development and implementation of our strategy, we will:

  • identify research with relevance for public policy
  • develop UCL’s contacts with those involved in policymaking and partnerships with appropriate public policy organisations
  • develop a public policy events series, with key policy formers and media in attendance
  • issue working papers and policy briefings on a number of key public policy topics
  • identify policy outputs from UCL’s Grand Challenges activity.

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