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Provost’s Long View: UCL Arena, Connected Curriculum and advancing research-based education

In recent weeks I have, not surprisingly, written much about our outstanding research success and the results of REF 2014 – an achievement that continues to resonate around the sector, both in the UK and internationally. More...

Published: Jan 29, 2015 1:14:24 PM

Widening participation

Provost's View: Widening participation and fair access

From our very beginning in 1826, UCL was open to all irrespective of religion, race, and (albeit a little later) gender. I wonder what our founders might have thought of the modern day desire and need to demonstrate ‘fair access’ and ‘widening participation’ (WP), with the requirement for us to report on both annually to HEFCE and the Office of Fair Access. I expect that they might have been mortified by the regulatory requirements, but I hope that they would have been seriously impressed by the importance we attach to this issue and by both the breadth and the depth of our efforts. More...

Published: Jan 22, 2015 12:41:54 PM

Freshers fayre

Provost's View: Reflections on Charlie Hebdo, REF and plans for the year ahead

I was intending to write a very cheerful message to welcome all students and staff back to UCL and to be optimistic about our new year. Needless to say the shocking events last week in Paris and France have dampened my spirits. I would like to send UCL’s condolences and our sympathy to all the families that have suffered such a tragic loss and a message of support to all of the people of France, and particularly to our French colleagues in higher education. Like you, we uphold freedom of expression (within the law) as a fundamental principle that lies at the core of our values as an institution. Our collective UCL pencil is held high in the air in solidarity with all of you. More...

Published: Jan 15, 2015 12:37:35 PM

David Price

Vice-Provost’s View: A game-changing REF result

Being of a generally sunny disposition, I casually stated in a December 2013 Vice-Provost’s View: “I’ve no doubt that our university’s research strengths will be properly recognised in a year’s time.” (I was to be pleasantly surprised.) More...

Published: Jan 8, 2015 12:09:35 PM

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