Grant Museum top ten objects

Quagga skeleton

Quagga Skeleton

There are only seven known examples of this South African zebra, extinct since 1883, making this the rarest skeleton in the world.



These dog-like carnivorous marsupials were deliberately driven to extinction in 1936. The Museum houses extremely rare preserved dissections and skeletons.

Dodo bones

Dodo Bones

These icons of extinction had disappeared by 1681. The Grant Museum has a large assemblage of bones displayed in trays.

Giant deer

Giant Deer

This ice-age wonder went extinct about 7000 years ago. Its antlers were almost twice as wide as its height.

Blashka glass models

Blaschka Glass Models of Invertebrates

A famous collection of anatomically perfect models of species which were hard to preserve, made by renowned 19th century Czech jewellers.


The Micrarium: A place for tiny things

A beautiful back-lit cave of 2300 microscope slides giving a glimpse of the vast diversity of animal life, nearly all of which is minute. 

Jar of preserved moles

Jar of Moles

One of the most bizarre objects in the Museum’s collection is a large jar crammed full of whole preserved moles.

The brain collection

Brain Collection

An unusual comparative anatomy collection displaying the differences between the brains of a number of mammals and a reptile.

Anaconda skeleton

African Rock Python Skeleton

This intricate 5m long snake skeleton is unusually displayed wrapped around a branch. The animal lived at London Zoo.

Negus collection of bisected heads

The Negus Collection of Bisected Heads

These preserved heads were prepared to compare the anatomy of animal throats,
including a chimp, seal, orang-utan, red panda and alligator.

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