Resources for Students

College and Departmental Libraries

College Library

The college has a substantial collection of Mathematics books in the library. The mathematics section of the library is found on the 4th floor in the DMS Watson building, at the south end of college. It is worth getting to know about the facilities of the library. First year students, please see separate information provided in the folder given to you at Departmental Registration.

Departmental library

There is also a small library of text-books in the department, available for borrowing, in Room 503. This is run by student librarians and the opening times are publicised soon after the start of session.

Opening Times of the Student Library

This is a small library of Mathematics text-books, which can be used by students in the Mathematics Department, in the reading room (Room 503). Books can be borrowed; fines are levied on late returns.

The Head librarian is Anastasia Frantsuzova. (Year 3 Maths), and the library will be open at the following times, with the following librarians lending out and taking returns of books at the following times this term:

Monday 1:00 - 2:00pm
Tuesday 1:00 - 2:00pm
Wednesday 1:00 - 2:00pm
Thursday 1:00 - 2:00pm
Friday 1:00 - 2:00pm

Any queries, please contact Julija Melesko (Mon-Wed) or Fiona Gilloway (Thurs-Fri) in the Maths Departmental Office (Room 610).

Computing Facilities

There are various workstation cluster rooms around college which are available for general student use. You will need to register and receive a user id and password. You should get information about this at college enrolment. You will need this for the 1401 course, and some departments, including Mathematics, may also wish to contact you by e-mail.

Departmental Office, Past Exam Papers and Photocopying

Departmental Office and past exam papers

The Mathematics Department general office is Room 610. Solutions to the summer exams for the last three years are available in the office, and cost £1 per set of solutions per year. Past exam papers can be found on the web. The administrators in the office can also deal with general queries.


There is a central photocopying service at the South Junction - you can buy cards to use in the photocopying machines there. and there are also photocopying services in the main and DMS Watson Library.

Student Common Room and Study Room and Use of Lockers and Lecture Rooms

Student common room and study room

Room 502 is a student common room. Room 503 is a study room intended for working quietly. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the department.


Lockers are provided in Room 503 on a first-come-first-served basis. A refundable cash deposit of £30 is required in order to get a key for a locker. Please should see the one of the administrators in the Mathematics Departmental Office (Room 610) with your cash deposit if you would like a locker, where you will be given a key and a receipt for your deposit. The cash deposit will be returned when the key and the deposit receipt is returned to the Departmental Office.

All lockers must be emptied and all keys must be returned by the end of Term 3. You cannot leave anything in lockers over the summer. Any items found in any lockers after the end of the Summer Term will be disposed of.

Any unclaimed deposits will be donated to the Student Hardship Fund at the end of the summer.

Informal use of lecture rooms on 7th and 8th floor

If unoccupied, you may use these for quiet study, but you must leave promptly if asked to do so.

Staff Student Consultative Committee

This is a committee made up of representatives from the undergraduate and taught postgraduate students (chosen by election) and from the staff of the Department, which meets twice a year, approximately in the middle of the Spring and Autumn. It provides a forum for students to raise issues relating to the course or the Department. Some issues may be dealt with immediately informally, others may be referred to the Departmental Teaching Committee or the Head of Department. The minutes are posted on the Student Common Room noticeboard, and also go to staff in the Department and to the College Joint Staff Student Committee.