STEP and AEA Requirements

Our offers for entry in 2018 ask for either a higher set of A-level grades (A*A*A) or a slightly lower set (A*AA) and additionally a grade 1 pass in any Mathematics STEP paper or a Distinction in the Mathematics Advanced Extension award (AEA).  See

Applicants must be taking the full A-level in Further Mathematics. Offers for applicants taking A-level are phrased in such a way that conditions may be met through either option, whether or not the applicant indicates on their UCAS application that they are taking STEP.

STEP/AEA tests a more advanced level of mathematical thinking and problem solving than does A-level, although uses the core syllabus of the Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-level to do so. The examinations are held in the A-level examination period in June and are taken in your school. Although we do strongly encourage applicants to take STEP/AEA in preparation for university-level mathematics, our offer conditions may be met without doing so.

Where can I get more information on STEP and AEA?

STEP is an examination offered by Cambridge Assessment who administer a range of additional admissions tests for university courses. See for full information. There are three papers available and our offers refer to a grade 1 pass in any of these papers, STEP I, II or III. The Advanced Extension Award is administered by the Edexcel examination board -

Please also see the below link for a self study programme to help prepare students for STEP.

What support will be offered by UCL?

In partnership with the Further Mathematics Support Programme ( we will be offering an initial support programme aimed at STEP I, for all applicants who are successful in receiving an offer from UCL. The best preparation for STEP is simply to tackle past papers and to start doing so as early as possible. That is now. You will soon come to appreciate the different type of skills that they test and to enjoy meeting their challenge. See

UCL’s planned support is as follows.

  • If your application is successful in attracting an offer we will make available immediately online access to a full range of material, including worked questions.
  • From late January to early June we will be offering a series of 17 online lectures discussing Problem Solving and particular STEP questions. These will be streamed live in the early evening and will remain available for repeated online viewing. All you need to access these is a computer connected to the internet. Please click here for further information about these STEP lectures.
  • During the Easter holiday we will run face-to-face sessions at UCL, which we hope to make available to all offer holders.
  • In late May we will hold a final revision day at UCL, open to those who have UCL as their first choice.

Please be aware that we will normally withdraw this support from applicants who decline our offer, i.e. do not make UCL their Firm or Insurance UCAS choice.