STEP Lectures

Online Sessions for UCL Mathematics applicants during 2022

A series of live online sessions will be made available to all UCL Mathematics applicants who receive an offer through UCAS. The initial sessions will provide general advice and information about STEP and cover techniques and approaches across various mathematical topics. The remaining sessions provide a close look at past-paper questions from both STEP, again by topic areas, and advice about examination technique.

The live sessions start at 18:00 GMT.

The programme will be hosted on an online education platform (UCL Extend), where the videos, a discussion forum and other resources will be available. All sessions are recorded and will be available for later viewing should you receive an offer only after the series has started, or if you miss a session.

We will invite you to contact us about how to receive this support shortly after you receive an offer through UCAS.

Please note that logins for UCL STEP resources and links to the online lectures are not sent out automatically and UCAS offer holders need to contact the Mathematics department for a login. Please send an email request to admissions@math.ucl.ac.uk

Similar online support has been provided to UCL mathematics applicants since 2014. Feedback comments included:

I really enjoyed the online lecture. It was helpful in making the connections between the different areas of maths and how to produce more elegant solutions.
Everything was perfectly clear and very informative, thank you.
Great session and really helpful!
Really useful! Thank you very much.

Dates of sessions in 2022

We have had to change our plans at the last minute and the dates below are now indicative only. We are sorry about this change. We will be starting our course later than 13th January but we will still cover the same material by, in later weeks, offering two sessions a week, both recorded. You will be able to participate in one session live and watch a recording of the other.

 Session title2022 Dates
1What is STEP?13th January
2Algebraic Skill3rd March
3Inequalities10th March 
4Proof by induction17th March 
5Proof by contradiction24th March 
6Necessary and sufficient conditions31st March
7Trigonometry21st April
8Curve sketching28th April
9Intergration5th May
10Differential equations12th May
11Complex numbers17th May
12Vectors19th May 
13Matrices24th May
14Exam technique26th May

STEP Study Days

Two STEP study days will take place at UCL in addition to the online sessions. They are designed to complement the online support and will be a great opportunity to come to UCL to learn and practice mathematics. The focus will be on gaining experience in answering past paper questions but there will also be teaching sessions on some selected topics.

We will contact you when registration for the study days opens.

The provisional dates for the study days are as follows:

Day 1 (for all holding a UCL offer): Due to COVID this has been postponed from Wednesday 6th April 2022 and will now be held Tuesday 12th April 2022

Day 2 (for firm choice only): Wednesday 1st June 2022