Outside Options

Most students in year 2/3/4 have either 1/2 or 1 unit of “outside” options open to them. It is your responsibility to find out about any outside courses you want to take, and no guarantee can be made about timetabling. Advice on any options in other departments should be sought from the relevant department, probably in the first case from the web-site.

The choice of outside options is pretty free (with the obvious exception of elementary maths courses), but please consult me about any outside courses you wish to take: I will need to approve your choice. You may also need to bear in mind the rules on levels of courses.

Please note that 4th year MSci students should only take modules at Master's or Advanced Level.

Please see:

Relevant Departments

Students have taken outside options from a wide variety of Departments (including Chemistry, Latin and Psychology) but obvious choices are: the Language Centre, the Statistics Department, the Physics and Astronomy Department, the Management Studies Centre, the Computer Science Department and the Department of Science and Technology Studies. In the first place please look on the relevant web-site for information.

Click here for information about Statistics options for Maths students 2013-14 (does not apply to MASS students)

For information about other departments, please see their web-site or other information

Language Centre

Note that Language courses are normally taken at the Language Centre, and are available as 1/2 unit or full unit courses. They all run throughout the year, and you have to have an interview at the language centre to determine your level.

Kings College

It is possible (timetable permitting) to take courses at other London Colleges – in particular, we have an arrangement with Kings College, which offers various Mathematics topics that UCL doesn’t and is fairly convenient from here – please look at their web-site.

Maths Education Module

You can take a mathematics education module as part of your maths degree at the Institute of Education (which is just 5 minutes walk from UCL) The course is a 0.5 unit advanced level module, and is counted as a mathematics year 3 module.

Mathematics education is a field of study concerned with learning and teaching mathematics (usually as a school subject). Please click here for detailed information about the module.

The lectures are on Mondays 14.00-17.00 in Autumn term and the assessment is 50% coursework and 50% exam. 

If you have any queries you are welcome to email the course leader Dr Melissa Rodd with your questions on m.rodd@ioe.ac.uk.

There will be a short meeting during induction week when you can register for the module (details will be provided later), or else you can register at the first session on Monday 5th October at the Institute of Education.  You can also put the module on portico with the code 03MA0075.


Modules Treated as Maths Modules

Note that the following will normally be considered as Mathematics options rather than outside options. However, you still need permission from the relevant department to take the module and if you want to take several of these you will need to discuss your entire choice of options with me.

STAT3101 Probability and Statistics 2
STAT3102 Stochastic Processes
STAT3004 Decision and Risk
PHAS2222 Quantum Physics
PHAS3226 Quantum Mechanics
Mathematics Education module (IoE)
Suitable Mathematics modules taken at Kings or other London college.

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