UCL Medieval and Renaissance Studies


Recently completed PhDs

MARS tutors have supervised a wide range of PhDs. Recently completed PhDs include: 

  • Alejandra Concha Sahli, ‘The meaning of the habit: religious orders, dress and identity, 1215-1650’ (UCL PhD, 2017)
  • Emily Corran, ‘Lying and Perjury in Medieval Practical Thought’ (UCL PhD, 2015).
  • Alison Ray, ‘The pecia system and its use in the cultural milieu of Paris c1250 to 1330’ (UCL PhD, 2016).
  • Antonia Fitzpatrick, ‘Bodily Identity in Scholastic Theology’ (UCL PhD, 2013)
  • Matthew Ross, ‘The Papal Chapel 1288-1304: a study in institutional and cultural change’  (UCL PhD, 2013)
  • Aaron Hope, ‘Hireling Shepherds: English Bishops and their Deputies, c. 1186-c.1323’ (UCL PhD, 2013)
  • Barbara Gaspar, 'The Immaculate Conception 1100-1700: Para-magisterial Powers and their Politics' (UCL PhD, 2012)
  • Benedict Wiedemann, ‘Papal Overlordship and Protectio of the King, c. 1000-1300
  • Pet-keeping and Gender in the Middle Ages
  • A Study of Abortion in Late Antique and Early Medieval Europe
  • Offices, Officers and Accountability in the Middle Ages
  • Magic and Impotence in the Middle Ages
  • The King's Blood: royal genealogies, dynastic rivalries and historical culture in the Hundred Years War. A case study of A tous nobles qui aiment beaux faits et bonnes histoires
  • Kinship in Thirteenth-Century England: the Canon Law in the Common Law - The Religious Dimensions of English Cistercian Privileges
  • The Concept of Contraction in Giordano Bruno’s Philosophy
  • De la Disciplina clericalis à la Policia cristiana. Les origines monastiques et laïques de la «conquête des corps» dans les Andes au XVIe siècle
  • Books and codices. Transculturation, language dissemination and education in the works of Friar Pedro the Gante
  • Spanish Influences on the Writing of the Sidney Circle
  • Trees and Woodland in Anglo-Saxon Culture
  • Textual and Contextual continuities: a new approach to the medieval religious lyric in England
  • "Synge we now alle and sum”: Three Fifteenth-Century Collections of Communal Song: A study of British Library, Sloane MS 2593; Bodleian Library, MS Eng. poet. e.1; and St John’s College, Cambridge, MS S.54