MA Medieval & Renaissance Studies

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Skills and Sources Modules - 2017/18

All Skills and Sources modules are worth 15 credits. These modules MUST be taken in conjunction with the matching parent module (see full module list).

The MARS MA is distinguished from other similar MAs by its special emphasis on the skills medievalists needs for advanced research. The intensive Latin, Medieval English Book and Manuscripts modules are salient examples but even selected modules that are not explicitly skills orientated can be enhanced by a 15 credit ‘Skills and Sources’ component designed to inculcate research techniques with special reference to the content of the module.

The assessment for these modules, which builds on modules students are already taking, focuses specifically on issues of source criticism and evaluation and/or technical skills needed for advanced research on such sources (e.g. palaeographical, linguistic etc).

Skills and Sources Modules' Assessment

MDVLG005 Skills and Sources: Manuscripts and Documents

MDVLGE11 Skills and Sources: The Medieval English Book

MDVLGH92 Skills and Sources: Identity and Power

MDVLGH91 Skills and Sources: Magic in the Middle Ages

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