MA Medieval & Renaissance Studies

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The History of Old and Middle English

Codes: MDVLGE05 (30 credits) OR MDVLGE01 'Middle English' (15 credits, term 1) OR MDVLGE08 'Old English' (15 credits, term 2)

Module Tutor: Dr Vicky Symons

This module aims to provide a reading knowledge of texts in Old and Middle English with the aid of a dictionary through a comprehensive study of basic Old and Middle English grammar, the reading of Seamus Heaney's translation of Beowulf and the translation of The Dream of the Rood, The Wanderer, from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, from Malory's Morte Arthur, and The Wakefield Second Shepherds' Pageant.This module involves attendance at an undergraduate module, with additional tutorials for MA students.

Assessment for MDVLGE05: Unseen three-hour written examination

Assessment for MDVLGE01: Unseen one and a half hour written examination

Assessment for MDVLGE08: Unseen one and a half hour written examination

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