Staff-student consultative committee

The Staff-Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) provides a forum for discussion between the staff and students of the MARS MA. It observes the College Policy for Staff-Student Consultative Committees, as described in the UCL Academic Manual, Section H3.


The SSCC comprises:

  • At least two students taking the MARS degree and, if appropriate, one part-time student,
  • The MARS Degree Tutor.
  • One other course tutor from a department other than that of the MARS Tutor.
  • The MARS Degree Administrator.

Student representatives are elected by other MARS students at the beginning of the Autumn Term and serve for the full academic year. 


Meetings take place twice a year. Scheduled meeting dates are given on the Meetings page. Additional meetings may take place as agreed by the student representatives and the MARS Degree Tutor.

Meetings are chaired by the MARS Degree Tutor, who solicits items for the agenda at least one week in advance. The MARS Administrator normally acts as secretary to the meeting. Minutes are taken and posted on the MARS website.

Terms of Reference

  • To discuss follow-up action resulting from previous SSCC meetings;
  • To comment upon the outcome of degree programme and course evaluation questionnaires and any consequent follow-up action;
  • To receive notification of any Degree changes with respect to teaching, admissions, and assessment;
  • To comment upon any significant changes to the Degree's policy which would have a direct consequence for teaching, admissions, and assessment;
  • To receive and consider copies of the annual reports of the Chair of the Board of Examiners.

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