Core Facilities

The LMCB provides a range of services to support the research programmes of all LMCB groups. These include laboratory services, stores, media preparation, primary and cell line tissue culture facilities, electron microscopy, advanced light microscopy, flow cytometry, radio-isotope handling facilities, an ACDP Biohazard Category 2 virus laboratory, IT and high-throughput screening. In addition, most common items of laboratory equipment are provided and maintained by the institute, funded largely by MRC core support. These includes low and high-speed centrifuges, tissue culture hoods, incubators, fridges, -20°C and -80°C freezers, liquid nitrogen storage, cold rooms, gel documentation, phosphoimager, dark room, fly and worm facilities, Real-Time PCR, and HPLC. The core research support facilities are managed, supervised and maintained by MRC core staff, but are open to all members of the LMCB. MRC core staff offer training and support in the use of all core equipment and MRC core staff will collaborate with LMCB members to develop and apply new approaches and applications. A strong ethos of sharing equipment and fully utilising the core technologies underlies the LMCB research programmes. Further information can be obtained by clicking on the links.

Research advances are frequently associated with the development and implementation of new technologies. The LMCB seeks to ensure that specific areas of technical excellence, in particular light, electron and high-through put/high content microscopy, are kept at the cutting edge through the acquisition and implementation of new technologies. New and replacement core equipment is procured through an annual capital equipment allocation from the MRC that is managed by the LMCB Equipment Committee and the Director. High-cost and additional items can also be acquired through one-off bids to the MRC and other agencies. To ensure that these platforms are fully exploited, the IT infrastructure has recently been completely overhauled to provide state-of-the-art fast data access and storage.

Addition research support services that complement facilities in the LMCB are available through UCL. These include Libraries, Health and Safety, Genomics and DNA Sequencing, Proteomics, Transgenics and Biological Services, Informatics, and Cell and Tissue Microscopy.

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