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UCL Library Services regulalrly appears in  articles on the UCL News website. Below are some of the recent highlights we thought we'd share.

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Library Christmas opening hours

UCL Library Services are delighted to say that the UCL Main Library will be open every day during the Christmas period (Saturday 23rd December - Monday 1st January) from 11:00 - 21:00.

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Share the Space

From Monday 13 November, we are operating our Share the Space Scheme until the end of  term.

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Create your ideal place to study

Fancy a big, comfy armchair to work in with your laptop or a cosy nook for a bit of privacy? View the sample furniture on display for the next few weeks in the Students’ Union and Science Library to have your say on how UCL’s New Student Centre should be furnished.

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Find a Library space – new tool coming soon

New technology is being introduced across the UCL campus to help us make better use of our space. Small devices are being placed under desks throughout UCL libraries’ 4,000 study spaces. The devices use infra-red technology to detect if a desk is available. The data from these will be used to show students where there are available study spaces through a web-based dashboard. Occupied and available space will be shown by red or green markers on library floor plans. This will make it far easier for students to find available space in the future.

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