UCL Library Services


Digitisation Services

The Digital Curation Team can advise on all aspects of digitisation, and in some cases arrange for the provision of digitisation services. We strongly encourage researchers who are considering digitisation to discuss their needs, and to include the full cost of digitisation in project budgets wherever possible.

A range of facilities for digitisation exist within UCL. UCL Library Services regularly carries out digitisation using our own facilities and contracts to internal or external suppliers depending on the scale and nature of the work.

Digitisation activity is governed by the Digitisation Strategy.

If you have any questions about how to cost digitisation as part of a project, or how to plan digitisation, please get in touch with the Digital Curation Team.

Planning for digitisation

The Digital Curation Team can help you to establish the amount of work needed and determine costs. Although the main cost of digitisation is likely to be origination (the production of a first digital copy of the material), a range of other factors will also be important, including any cataloguing and conservation, and what formats are to be produced. 

You should ask the following questions before you begin planning digitisation. Permission to digitise aside, negative answers to these questions should not be an impediment to digitisation, but may change the cost or the timescale of a project.

Do you have permission to digitise the material?
What is the current format of the material?
Is the material catalogued? How much material is there to digitise?
What is the condition of the material? Is it bound or flat paper?
What do you plan to do with the digitised materials? In which formats will you make the materials available?