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DCAL Research Data Archive

The DCAL Research Data Archive holds the data outputs of the Deafness, Cognition and Language Research Centre.

The vast majority of research studies on language and cognition are based on languages which are spoken and heard. DCAL's research provides a unique perspective on language and thought by placing sign languages and Deaf people in the centre of our understanding of language and communication.

DCAL’s research since 2006 has contributed substantially to the recognition that deafness is an important model for exploring questions in linguistics, cognitive sciences and neuroscience.

All metadata for the projects listed below is openly available. Some data is restricted to named researchers; all data marked 'Level 1' is open access.

You can read the DCAL Data Archive and Management Policy on UCL Discovery.

For more information, and to discuss access to the restricted data, contact dcal@ucl.ac.uk.

To cite this collection, please cite the following DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14324/000.ds.DCAL

DCAL-funded projects

Normative Data and Assessment Tools for British Sign Language

BSL Norming Study
BSL Grammaticality Judgement Task
BSL Sentence Reproduction Test

Face-to-Face Communication

Test of Child Speechreading

Language Development

Nonsense Sign Repetition Task
Theory of Mind
Identifying Specific Language Impairment in Deaf Children who use BSL

Language Processing

Iconicity and Phonological Judgements
Hands and Mouth in Sign Production

The Deaf Individual and the Community

Bilingualism in Two Sign Languages: Australian Irish Sign Language
Sign Language and Interpreter Aptitude Test Battery

Sign Language Documentation and Change

Changing Languages and Identities

Online Measures of Communication

Measuring Language Lateralization with fTCD
Assessing Hemispheric Dominance During Rhyme and Line Judgements Using fTCD

Foundations of Communication

Baby Iconicity Project

Atypical Language

Coding Language Isolates and Late L1 Signers

Language and Cognition

Iconicity and Language Processing

Cognitive Control: Executive Functions

Executive Function in Older Deaf Adults
Executive Function and Language Abilities in Deaf Children