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All users are allocated space on the following drives.

All files saved on the central filestore are regularly backed up.

Note: ADS users should view the ADS web pages for information on storage space.

N: drive
(Windows filestore)
Personal storage space where you should save all of your work.

Access is via Staff WTS 2000 and 2010.

Also via standalone/departmental machines.

O: drive
(Archive filestore)
40GB Provides extra capacity in addition to your N: drive, and is primarily for static files that are used less frequently. Via Staff WTS 2000 and 2010.

Also via standalone/departmental machines.
S: drive
(Departmental shared data area)
Drive capacity spread across departments
Collaborative working between colleagues in the same department.
Registration is required.

Access via Staff WTS 2000 or Staff WTS 2010 or a service called WebDav.
T: drive
(Email-Unix filestore)

Contains your email data (if you are an IMAP user), personal web pages under directories and any Unix files (which may be created if you have used Unix software). 

Note: This drive is not applicable to Live@UCL users.

This area is accessed automatically by email clients in WTS, and most users won't need to access these files directly.

However, access is possible via a utility in Staff WTS 2000.

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