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Student print charging

You receive £12 free credit in your account at the start of your first year and this is reset to £12 at the start of each academic year.

Check/top-up your print credit

Printing Costs

A4 paper size

  • 5p per A4 sheet mono single-sided
  • 5p per A4 sheet mono double-sided
  • 25p per A4 sheet colour single-sided
  • 45p per A4 sheet colour double-sided

A3 paper size

  • 15p per A3 sheet mono single-sided
  • 20p per A3 sheet mono double-sided
  • 50p per A3 sheet colour single-sided
  • 90p per A3 sheet colour double sides

Terms and conditions

1. The free quota is the same for each student regardless of status, department or course. Maximum limits will be set to ensure that students cannot accumulate more than 1 years’ (three terms’) worth of free quota.

2. For faulty/damaged prints/copies, the ISD Service Desk will check the faulty/damaged output and then re-credit the amount of the damaged pages to your print account.

3. No refunds will be given on User Purchased Quota purses therefore do not buy too much credit

Important: Any attempt to bypass the print charging system is a disciplinary offence which will be referred to the Dean of Students.
How to guides

How to guides

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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