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Please help us to continually improve and develop our services by giving us feedback. Our responses will be displayed below. We also welcome book suggestions. Occasionally we carry out surveys; the latest one was in September 2011 and you can see the results on our surveys page.

You can give us feedback:

  • in person
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  • by phone: internal 84144 / external 020 7829 8709 or 020 3448 4709
  • on our You say/We say noticeboard in the foyer
  • by post: Queen Square Library, 23 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3BG, UK (internal box no.74)

Your recent comments

Here are some of the compliments we have received recently. Your recent questions (and our answers) are further down the page.

"A sanctuary" July 2012
"Just wonderful - so much to learn" July 2012
"An inspiring visit for students and staff alike! Thank you for all the amazing sources that you found for us" Alexandra Park School, July 2012
"A year later on the Library is just as quiet, calm and conducive to study" May 2012
"Thank you very much! It's been a pleasure to research here. Wish I'd found this Library earlier in my time at UCL!" April 2012
"Very nice atmosphere for studying with very helpful and nice staff! I had a good time learning for my finals in April!" April 2012
"I would like to commend the Library and its staff for the excellent studying environment they provide. I especially like the abundance of natural lighting and the relatively large amount of space provided" March 2012.
"Efficient and helpful. Thank you!" January 2012.
"Great Library! Smashing team" September 2011
"GORGEOUS!!!" September 2011
"The Library is bright, spacious and cool since the refurbishment. An upgrade fitting for the value of the books, journals and artifacts it houses" May 2011.
"Probably the most comfortable and relaxed library and the most comprehensive neuro collection in the country. And lovely staff" March 2011.
"Very good. Staff really helpful. The reading room is very nice. Good collection of journals"
"The Library is a great resource. I have found it very helpful. My main research interest is vascular perfusion of the brain and I have found your extensive range of books and on-line journals to be of great help" Nov 2010.

Your Questions

You Say We Say
1. Could we have an out-of-hours drop box please? 1. A drop-box has now been installed in the Library foyer and can be used to return books before the Library opens at 9.00am. During Library opening hours (9.00am - 7.00pm) all book returns should be handed to the member of staff at the Issue Desk.
2. Is it possible to have a colour photocopier? 2. We looked into this in some detail and unfortunately it was not economically viable.
3. Is it possible to have coat pegs in the WCs? 3. Good idea - coat pegs have now been installed in the WCs.
4. Does the library have recycling facilities ? 4. Yes and we encourage our readers to recycle as much as possible. Please see notices above the waste bins for details of what can and cannot be recycled.
5. Do you sell stationery? 5. No, but please ask to borrow basic items like staplers. There are also shops selling stationery nearby.
6. How do I connect to the wifi network?

6. University Members

Wifi is available to university staff and students using the eduroam network. UCL members can log in using their UCL username and password. Library visitors from other HE institutions can use edoroam providing their home institution is already participating in the scheme. See Computers in the Library for more details.

UCLH staff

There is no wifi access to the UCLH network. NHS users who are registered Library users are currently able to access eduroam using a UCL Guest account.  To do this, you must first visit the UCL Cruciform Library to have an account created.

Connection instructions are also available at the Information Desk

7. Why are some books only available to borrow for 7 days? 7. So that very popular books can be borrowed by as many people as possible. Please let us know if you have trouble getting hold of any books. 
8. In the two current periodical revolving stands, only one side of one stand appears to have labels of the journal name - it may be useful to have labels in others, to ensure journals are put back perfectly. 8. From time to time the journal display units need to be re-labelled and unfortunately we were in the process of re-labelling the stands during your visit. Both of the journal display units are now up to date.
9. Is it possible to have a few more copies of the Queen Square textbook? 9. Yes - we have bought several extra copies and these are now available on the library shelves.
10. Please display a list of journal issues recently received.

10. A list of journals recently received is displayed in the library foyer. A list is also available on the library website - see
If you would like to receive a weekly email bulletin of journals received in the last seven days please contact the library.

11. Could 'Nature' be reinstated?

11. 'Nature' is currently available online and is accessible by all library users who use our PCs. Any changes to our print journal subscriptions (both acquisitions and cancellations) are approved by the Library Committee. If you would like us to make a formal case to the Committee to have 'Nature' reinstated then please let us know, although because of budget constraints this is likely to be at the expense of another title.
12. Please provide a water cooler/tap water.

12. Unfortunately there is currently no suitable location for the plumbing installation required for a water fountain. UPDATE [May 2013]: we are currently investigating the costs of installation.

Library users are welcome to bring covered drinks into the Library, although drinks should not be consumed when using Library PCs.

13. Is it possible to have Microsoft Office or open-source software such as LibreOffice or Notepad++ installed on the PCs?

13. The PCs in the Library are provided primarily for access to online library resources such as the catalogue, resources made available via our website, UCL/NHS e-journals and databases, and are in heavy demand. For other purposes, such as word processing, library users are welcome to bring their own laptops, and power sockets are built in to the workspaces to aid this.

Other options include: UCL members are able to connect their personal electronic devices to the UCL wireless network (eduroam). Library users with a hospital account can use the Trust-networked PCs which have Trust applications installed on them.  UCL 4th year medical students on placement in Queen Square have access to computing facilities in their Common Room. PCs for ION students, including electives, are available in no. 7 Queen Square adjacent to the Education Unit. There are no UCL computing cluster facilities at Queen Square. The nearest UCL cluster rooms are at 2 Wakefield St (Chandler House) and 26 Bedford Way.

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