UCL is committed to supporting the professional development of staff in all roles across the institution. In view of this we have recently renewed our subscription to HEaTED, meaning all our technical staff can now register with HEaTED for FREE and start to benefit from their services.


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What is HEaTED?

HEaTED is a membership organisation dedicated to supporting Professional Development of Technical staff from all disciplines and specialisms in Higher Education and related fields.

They achieve this through:

1. Supporting HE Technicians in their professional and personal development

2. Improving the quality of HE Technicians across all disciplines, therefore contributing to improvement of the student experience and research

3. Ensuring a long term supply of a high quality HE technical workforce striving for improvement

What HEaTED does for technical staff

1. Identify, source, and develop specialist training courses for technical staff from all disciplines

2. Provide members with discounted rates on specialist and other professional development and training opportunities

3. Manage Regional Networks to enable colleagues from neighbouring institutions to meet and discuss hot topics, share best practice, promote development opportunities and more

4. Provide an online community where members can expand on discussion from Regional Network Meetings, raise hot topics, and share discussion and best practice with colleagues from other institutions

5. Use the Regional Network Meetings and online groups to serve as a 'representative voice' for the UK Technical Community in Higher Education and related fields

6. Support Technical staff on their journeys to Professional Registration

How to get started

To start getting benefits from your HEaTED membership there are several things you can do:

1. HEaTED website – register for FREE on the website (www.heated.ac.uk) where you will find lots of information on what HEaTED can do to support you.

2. Join the London Regional HEaTED Network – information on your Regional HEaTED Network Coordinators and the next meetings can be found here

3. Online Groups - a new facility designed to link closely to the Regional Networks. The Online Groups are where HEaTED members from across the regions can access Regional Network Event reports along with other associated discussions and resources. To access the online groups you must complete a separate registration form found here.

4. Training and Development – the full list of courses available to HEaTED members can be found here. Many of the courses can be delivered here at UCL (depending on numbers) to help reduce costs and increase the number of staff benefitting from the training. If you are interested in having courses delivered at UCL please contact the Organisational Development Team via email od@ucl.ac.uk.