Professional Development Programme

UCL Aspiring Managers Programme - Modules


Traditional management theory;
Understanding the shift from industrial management to information management

Key management roles;
Fayol’s process account and Mintzberg’s ten roles - understanding, analysis and application to current role

Developing self-awareness;
Understanding reflective practice and action planning

What’s in it for me?
Introduce managers to the subject of employee engagement. Help managers understand why engagement is central to success

Strategy & the organisation;
Understanding your organisation in its environment - analytical tools

Monitoring & evaluation;
Balancing creativity & control - Introduction to four control levers - diagnostic, interactive, belief & boundary systems

The importance of feedback;
The role of feedback. How to give and receive feedback - do’s and don’ts.

Job or organisation;
To encourage managers to identify factors that will make their teams feel that they value the organisation they work for and are valued in return

Purpose & exchange relationships;
Introduction to systems thinking. Linkage to vision & mission. Understanding transformation models

Motivation & People;
Expectancy theory, People & task balance, delegation vs abdication, performance appraisal - regular informal & structured formal. Team building tips.

Time critical briefings;
Situational team briefing - SMEAC model

Engaging managers;
Explore the role of the manager in the success of their team. Understand the sorts of things managers do to drive employee engagement and impact on customer service

Efficiency & effectiveness;
Ensuring quality management and continuous improvement

Climate management;
Minimising defensive climates & creating supportive climates. Beyond the formal contract - psychological contracts and employee involvement & empowerment

Managing poor performance;
Defining poor performance. Understanding processes - capability & disciplinary. Handling difficult conversations. Case study & role play options.

Building engagement;
Help participants understand what it feels like to be engaged in their job and the effects on feelings