Pre-Retirement Course
Professional Development Programme

Participants: Staff who are thinking about / planning to retire within the next one to two years. (Maximum of 20 places)

Pre-requisites: None

The decision when to retire is a significant personal decision and these days when we retire we hopefully have some 25-30 years of active life ahead of us. It's a huge opportunity. However the change from a work situation, to one where there is no structure and nobody telling us what to do, can be one of the biggest changes of our lives. Whatever length of time we spent working and travelling to work each day, and whatever aspirations we have for retirement, filling 40-50 hours each week on top of previous leisure time, for the next 25 years, can be a major challenge!

The purpose of the workshop is to encourage you to think seriously about all aspects of your retirement, or partial retirement, in a structured way and to increase your chances of enjoying and making the most of this potentially fulfilling phase of your life and avoiding some of the common pitfalls. If you haven't already decided exactly when to retire, the workshops will help you weigh up the possibilities and decide what is right for you.

Anticipated learning outcomes:
The Laterlife workshop is a facilitated workshop which covers all the lifestyle aspects of retirement. The key benefit is that the workshop isn't just about passing information. The exercises and discussions assist you, to identify what is important to you personally and to identify the actions you need to take to ensure you enjoy and make the most of your retirement.

Preparation: None

Facilitators: Laterlife

Date, time and venue: 1 day course

10 October 2014 0930 - 1700 Haldane Room

  • Free for all staff on the UCL payroll.

How to book: Booking form

OD Course Contact: Zara Chaudhry