Accelerated Management Development Programme

Professional Development Programme

Leadership v Management;

Developing common dialogue and consistent messages internally between management functions.

Examining your role in the team;

Utilising our Team Compass tool to enable greater flexibility and connection with team members.

Developing your Leadership Brand;

Understanding reflective practice and action planning - with a focus on perception management.

It's all in the question?

The most effective leaders stimulate and galvanise through their ability to ask great questions - How can we do this?

Leadership Power;

Examining the different types of power that you can utilise within your toolkit for gaining effective action.

Leadership Exercise;

Video review activity to demonstrate learning from Compass toolkit.

Style v Situation;

Examining Situational Leadership in depth - Session 1 will utilise a questionnaire to ascertain preferences.

Transactional Analysis;

Session revealing the Ego states and the role this plays in all of our conversations and dialogue with others.

Analysing others;

What can be learnt by observing and critiquing others approaches to leading - here we will use video clips of a leader in action to glean vital lessons.

Motivation your People;

Equity theory and its impact on employee motivation. Social comparisons and associated consequences.

Matching style with Development Levels;

Here we will explore appropriate and inappropriate implementation of conscious style choices to gain the best out of people.

Employer Engagement;

Explore the role of the manager in the success of their team. Understand the sorts of things managers do to drive employee engagement and impact on customer service.


Vision and Values;

Setting the team up to win within the organisational context. Cascading and consistency of message and team identity.

Continuous Improvement;

From concept to practice - the PDCA cycle and how to implement effective improvement in your immediate environment.

Decision Making;

Utilising exercises we will provide participant's with a range of options to build their decision making skills and processes.

Assertive Constructive Feedback;

Delivering feedback with impact - giving the right messages and getting the right balance between passive and aggressive. Introduction of a language model for consistency of preparation.


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