Recruitment, Selection and Right to Work HR Policy Briefing
Professional Development Programme

Participants: UCL policy requires that all members of interview panels have received training in fair recruitment practices. This requirement is met by attending the Recruitment, Selection, and Right to Work HR Policy Briefing.

For more information about previous qualifying courses, please see Qualifying Courses.

This briefing has replaced the Recruitment and Selection HR Policy Briefing.

Staff must attend this briefing if they wish to participate in staff recruitment interview panels at UCL.

The briefing will cover the legal and policy requirements of fair recruitment and selection at UCL, covering equality, diversity, and inclusion; HR policy; and the obligations of managers and interview panels to ensure right to work compliance.

Anticipated learning outcomes:
By the end of the session participants will have acquired the knowledge required to sit on a UCL staff interview panel and understand how to ensure a fair recruitment and selection process that meets the requirements of right to work legislation.

This briefing supports your development in line with the UCL Core Behaviours Framework.

Please read the Recruitment and Selection Policy, the Equal Opportunity Policy Statement and review UCL’s Immigration advice webpages before attending the course.

Post Workshop:
On completion of this briefing, you may wish to be added to the ROME approved list as an interviewer and/or Chair. Please note that this will not occur automatically, you will need to be to complete a user access form, which should be signed by your Head of Department and then submitted to the HR Information Office (details at the top of the form).  More information and a downloadable form can be  found at :

Facilitators (from):

Mike Higgins - HR Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, UCL
Ash Talwar - HR Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, UCL
Teresa Williams - HR Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, UCL
Anne-Marie Howard - HR Senior Employment Policy Officer, UCL
Laura Tomson - HR Senior Employment Policy Officer, UCL

See also:

The two workshops below are designed to assist those members of staff who are involved with processing recruitment through UCL's ROME (Recruitment Online Made Easy) system.

Date, time and venue: 3 hour briefing (monthly).

25 July 2018 1330 - 1600 Lecture Theatre 118 Chandler House
15 August 2018 1330 - 1600 Lecture Theatre 118 Chandler House


  • Free for UCL staff

How to book: Booking Form
NB: If you are due to sit on an interview panel on a particular date, please inform us of this by adding this information to the 'Special Requirements' field on the booking form.

OD Course Contact: Catherine Brown

Cancellation: Please note that there has been a change to the cancellation policy. The course cancellation and no show fee is £100 starting from the 2015/16 academic year. This charge is applicable to Organisational Development Courses and supersedes all other information regarding this policy elsewhere on the UCL website and training booking system. Additional charges may be incurred on some courses. Read more about cancellation >>.