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Practical Issues and Staff Benefits


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A number of links to help you with the practical aspects of joining UCL are listed below. You may want to bookmark this page to make it easier to refer to it as you settle into your new role and team.

Moving Around Campus

Whilst most UCL activities take place in and around the Bloomsbury Campus, the university occupies buildings in other parts of London and further afield. This information is designed to help you locate and access the buildings you need and also the people with whom you will work.

  • Campus maps
    An interactive map covering UCL buildings, venues and useful places.

  • Staff and Student Directory
    This directory contains entries for UCL staff and students who either have a phone number, an IS email address or an email address from a department which has made its email addresses available

  • Virtual tour
    An online tour of the UCL Bloomsbury Campus.

  • Security on Campus
    Staying Safe at UCL.

  • ID Access Cards
    How to get your access card.

  • Library
    Information about using the UCL Libraries.

Getting Paid

Information about how and when you are paid, staff benefits and our pension services are provided below.

  • Getting paid
    Information about getting paid, staff benefit schemes, tax and national insurance.

  • Pensions
    A professional and effective on-site service for UCL employees.

  • MyView
    MyView allows you to access your payslips and P60s, edit your own personal details, emergency contacts and submit an electronic requests for leave.

Staff Services and Benefits

In addition to salary, UCL provides staff with an attractive range of services and benefits, including access to the Bloomsbury Fitness Centre and ongoing development activities. Details can be found below.

Information Technology

You will need one or more passwords to access your mail and our computer services and may also want to work remotely or to use our virtual learning environment. Information about this and the full range of computing and information services for staff is available on the ISD website.

Personal Health and Wellbeing

UCL takes seriously the health and well-being of its staff and students and operates an accommodation service and an employee assistance programme. Details of these and other similar services can be found below.

  • Health
    A list of useful websites compiled by the UCL Occupational Health service including how to find a Dentist / Doctor / Physio etc.

  • Accommodation service
    The Staff Accommodation Service assists UCL staff with their accommodation needs when relocating to London or at anytime a change in accommodation is required.

  • Employee Assistance Programme
    EAP is paid for by UCL as a support service for employees. It is free of charge and can provide practical information on fields such as counselling, well-being, family matters, relationships, debt management, workplace issues, and much more.

Fair and Sustainable Working

UCL is strongly committed to equality and diversity at work, to ensuring that our activities are environmentally sustainable and to communicating effectively with all our communities. Details of our activities can be found below.

  • Key contacts
    Useful contact information for staff on a range of work matters.

  • Diversity at UCL
    Information on issues relating to race, gender, religion and belief, sexual orientation, and disability amongst other equalities initiatives at UCL.

  • Environmental issues
    Green UCL brings together people, commitments, policies, news, events and initiatives related to the environment at UCL.

  • Internal communications
    The internal communications function is based within the Communications and Marketing Office. They advise on and deliver effective and efficient communications for UCL’s academic and administrative departments.


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