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UCL Induction - How to use this site

Joining UCL

The following pages aim to provide you with information about ICL and which you may find useful as you prepare to join the university and during your first few months working in your new role.

  • The ‘Joining UCL’ box contains information about joining UCL, such as how to complete our Staff Registration Form, how to access our Staff Accommodation Service and also assistance for staff joining from abroad.

  • The ‘Working at UCL’ box provides you with a wide range of information, including our terms and conditions of employment, accessing our computer facilities, our libraries and museums, our employee benefits and our approach to equality and diversity.

  • The ‘Learning at UCL’ box outlines some of the ways that you can continue your professional development whilst working at UCL, including details of our induction activities, links to our Professional Development Programme and to external bodies supporting researchers and technicians development, such as Vitae and HEaTED.

  • A series of ‘Quick Links’ are also provided, to help you easily access key UCL documents and other practical information. This includes two checklists, one for new staff and one for their line managers and which outline what you both need to cover and when you should do so.

You might like to bookmark this page for ease of access over the next few months.

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