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Bidborough House
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Tel: +44 020 3108 8829

HR Workforce Reporting and Analytics

The HR Workforce Reporting and Analytics team is responsible for producing workforce reports, annual statistical returns, provide Helpdesk support for HR systems and managing development and maintenance of HR information systems.

HR Systems Helpdesk

If you have a problem with, or access issue to, an HR supported system, please email hr_helpdesk[at], describing the details of the issue. The HR Systems Helpdesk opening hours are 10:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday. An answering service operates for calls received outside of core hours.

For unlocking MyView accounts please mail or call ISD extension 25000.

Service standards

In addition to the generic service standards set out at, the service has the following specific standards:

1. Reports will normally be delivered within a maximum of 5 working days from receipt of the following details:

  • Period to be reported on – i.e. point in time or between a range of dates;
  • Definition of the staff group to reported on;
  • Description of report output format e.g. raw data in spreadsheet, tabular, tabular with graphics or charts etc;
  • Reports that require translations from UCL standard groupings to other organisation's standards for comparative purposes may require detailed discussion and should take no more than 10 working days.

2. Help desk problems will be acknowledged upon receipt and where possible responded to the same day. Where this is not possible, the service user will be notified and given an estimate of how long a response is likely to take. For further information, please see our Service Level Agreement document.

3. Adjustments to errors on the HR web site, will normally take place with 24 hours of notification.

4. Adjustments to internally designed HR applications will be delivered in accordance with priorities agreed when the specification is signed off. Adjustments will normally take place within 30 working days.

The HR Workforce Reporting and Analytics team act as the intermediary between HR and systems managers in UCL Information Systems, Management Systems and external third parties who supply systems to UCL HR.

We release annual workforce statistics at, please visit this site before requesting a report.

For report requests please write to hr_reports [at]