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Academic, Research and Teaching Fellows Promotions

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1          Process for progression from grade 7 to grade 8 Lecturer

Progression to Lecturer (grade 8) will be dependent upon a positive recommendation from the Head of Department*1 and will be based on academic attainment and ability and a satisfactory standard of work.

The Human Resources Division will write to Heads of Departments each year, listing those staff who have reached the top point of grade 7 of the UCL salary scales.

Upon positive recommendation from the Head of Department, the Lecturer will be promoted with effect from the following October.

2          Process for Promotion to Senior Lecturer (grade 9), Reader (grade 9) or Professor (grade 10)

The Senior Promotions Process Document defines the process to be followed and the timetable for the complete exercise.

*1The Head of Department (HoD) is a generic UCL title for those who report directly to the Faculty Deans and includes Divisional and Institute Directors for the School of Life and Medical Sciences(SLMS)