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Graduation Ceremonies

UCL Graduation Ceremonies


Congratulations to all students who have been or are about to be awarded a UCL degree!

The information on these web pages relates to the UCL (London) graduation ceremonies. If you are attending a ceremony at an oversees campus please refer to the following websites for further information:

UCL Qatar -

UCL Australia -

BCA Academy Singapore -

If you a student from the UCL Institute of Education and are due to attend a graduation ceremony in April 2015 please visit the website -

Congratulations class of 2014!


UCL held 25 graduation ceremonies across two weeks at the end of August. Over that period we saw nearly 6,000 students make their way across the red carpet.

Over two weeks of presentations, student speaker Ravi Raninga, among others, remembered to acknowledge some of those who helped him, and others, along the way. “On behalf of all the graduates here,” he began, “I would like to thank all of the lecturers and professors who have given their support to us during our time at UCL. Thank you for setting the bar high and challenging our intellect. It is through your wisdom that we have become wise.”

We would like to follow Ravi’s example and extend our thanks to the scores of people who contributed to making UCL's 2014 Graduation Ceremonies a success. Thank you for all of your hard work.

UCL's 2015 Graduation Ceremonies


When are UCL's Graduation Ceremonies?

UCL currently holds all graduation ceremonies in the Summer months, the dates for the 2015 graduation ceremonies will be 03 and 08 July 2015 and the 24 August - 04 September 2015. 

If you have just completed your research or taught masters degree and have been awarded, you will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony.

When will the application process open?

The ticket application process for the 2015 graduation ceremonies will open mid February 2015 - all eligible students will be contacted via post and email to notify them when the process opens.

Please ensure your 'contact' postal and email address details are kept up to date on your student record via Portico to ensure you receive our correspondence.

Your UCL Graduation Ceremony


Congratulations! Your graduation ceremony is a celebration of your achievement. It is a time to get together with family, friends and colleagues to acknowledge your success before moving on to the next phase of your career.


The next graduation ceremonies organised for UCL students will be held in July/August/September 2015. Information about the dates of these ceremonies will be launched here at the end of January 2015.

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