2012/13 Seminar Series

Seminars are held in Medical Sciences AV Hill Lecture Theatre at 5pm unless otherwise stated.  All are welcome to attend.

Date Speaker Title

Summer Series

12 June Julian Huxley Lecture
Kathy Willis
(University of Oxford)
Host: Jon Bielby (IoZ)
"Palaeoecology: “quaint but irrelevant” or essential for conservation biology?"
5 June - postponed
Ted Morrow
(University of Sussex)
Host: Max Reuter

Postponed until next term.

“Why sexually antagonistic genes are bad for you”

29 May - postponed
Cathie Martin
(John Innes, Norwich)
Host: Jurg Bahler
Postponed until next term.
22 May Laurence Hurst
Host: Jurg Bahler
"Why does selection care about codon usage (or what really determines ribosome velocity)"
15 May Thomas Nystrom
Host: Lazaros Foukas
"Protein quality control in time and space - links to aging and age-related proteotoxicity"
8 May Paulino Martinez
(University of Santiago de Compostela)
Host: Judith Mank
“All about sex in fish”
 7 May
Cory Merow
(University of Connecticut)
Host: David Redding

"An iterative approach to understanding species' ranges"

NB 4pm seminar: Gavin de Beer LT

17 April Ron Burton
(San Diego)
Host: Nick Lane
“Consequences of rapid mtDNA evolution: compensatory coadaptation, hybrid breakdown and speciation”

Spring Series

Date Speaker Title
20 March 16th Grant lecture
Joe Cain (UCL)

“Darwin in London”

13 March Yannic Wurm
Host: Judith Mank

“A Y-like social chromosome causes alternative colony organization in fire ants”

6 March Jon Houseley
Host: Jurg Bahler

“The unusual biology of high copy repeats”

27 February       
Chris Barnes
(UCl, CDB)
Host: Lazaros Foukas

“Reverse engineering and design of natural and synthetic biological systems”

20 February Darwin's Birthday Party
Hervé Philippe and Detlev Arendt
“A comparative approach to reconstructing the famous Urbilateria: body plan and nervous system” AND “Reconstructing Urbilateria at the expense of extant bilaterians: methodological and philosophical concerns”
13 February John Marshall
Host: Lazaros Foukas

“If Mother Teresa was a genetic engineer: From golden rice to GM mosquitoes for malaria control”

6 February Greg Elgar
(MRC NIMR London)
Host: Paola Oliveri
“Exploring the conserved regulatory landscape that orchestrates vertebrate development”
30 January Jane Mellor
Host: Jurg Bahler
“Exploiting model organisms and their genetics in a phenotypic high throughput screen for compounds to ameliorate age-related disorders”
23 January Duncan Cameron
Host: Julia Day
"Did mycorrhizal fungi facilitate plant domination of the terrestrial biosphere?"
16 January Andreas Heyland
(University of Guelph, Canada)
Host: Paola Oliveri

“Sea Urchin Metamorphosis: A Model for Understanding Molecular and Physiological Mechanisms of Post-Embryonic Development in Animals”

9 January Andrea Halpern
(Bucknell University)

“Music Cognition in Healthy Aging”

Winter Series

Date Speaker Title
5 December Richard Abel
(Imperial College)
Host: Max Reuter

"CT Killed the Radiographic Star"

28 November       
Russell Garwood
Host: Anjali Goswami

“Digital palaeontology: Computational techniques to understand past life”

21 November      
Medawar Lecture
Rob Asher

“Fossil rocks, genes, & journalists: how the public (mis)perceives evolutionary biology”

14 November   
CEE Autumn Symposium (ZSL) "Smarter Science: The Power of the Crowd!"
7 November
Francisco Ubeda
(Royal Holloway)
Host: Max Reuter

"Menopause and intra-genomic conflict"

31 October Thomas Flatt
(University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna)
Host: Lazaros Foukas

"Population Genomic Basis of Evolutionary Change in Drosophila Aging and Life History"

24 October Sam Marguerat

“Quantitative Analysis of Fission Yeast Transcriptomes and Proteomes in Proliferating and Quiescent Cells”

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