Centre for Comparative Genomics

The Centre for Comparative Genomics' Sequencing/Genotyping Service.

Centre For Comparative Genomics

The Centre owes its origins to an equipment grant from NERC in 2005. The purpose of the CCG was to establish a high-throughput sequencing and genotyping facility.

Services at the Centre for Comparative Genomics

The CCG offers high throughput sequencing and genotyping services using an ABI3730xl DNA Analyzer located in Room 213, Darwin Building UCL. We accept 96-well plates only. GEE staff currently benefit from a service that charges only the cost of consumables.

Potential users outside GEE should feel free to discuss possible options, specialized needs, and our charging structure (contact details below):

Contact Details
Fraser Simpson
Email:  f.simpson@ucl.ac.uk
 Wendy Hart  Email:  ucbtwfl@ucl.ac.uk
Rebecca Finlay
Email: r.finlay@ucl.ac.uk

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without notice.

The idea of the CCG is to encourage higher throughput at knockdown prices. All prices are therefore per 96-well plate. If you want to do smaller jobs, you must pay the whole plate charge (which could still be advantageous for a ½ plate, say).

(For smaller jobs, you may want to investigate other services, such as UCL Pharmacology's service - contact Stuart Martin at stuart.martin@ucl.ac.uk)

  • Machine-ready. i.e. sequencing reaction already done and cleaned up

GEE : £40 per 96 wells (approx. £0.40/sequence)
Outside GEE: £120 per 96 wells (approx. £1.20/sequence)

  • Sequencing run with sequencing reaction using BigDyev3.1

GEE: £80 per 96 wells (approx. £0.80/sequence)
Outside GEE: £220 per 96 wells (approx. £2.20/sequence)

NB If you want to do your own sequencing reactions (which is more economical!), but don’t know how or don’t want to buy lots of Big Dye, we can advise.

Genotyping (includes microsatellites/STRs,AFLP)

GEE: £60 per 96 wells (approx. £0.60/well)
Outside GEE: £140 per 96 wells (approx. £1.40/well)


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