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Dating Mammalian Evolution

Fri, 28 Mar 2014 15:14:37 +0000

When the age of the dinosaurs ended around 65 million years ago, mammals stepped in to fill the gap, and the age of the placentals began. However, whether early placental mammals were already present on Earth before the demise of the dinosaurs has been the subject of a long standing debate. Recent research in GEE [...]


The Delicate Balance of Effect and Response

Tue, 18 Feb 2014 11:50:36 +0000

We may not always be aware of it, but many wild plants, animals, fungi and even bacteria, provide crucial services to us which keep the ecosystems of Earth functioning. Environmental changes caused by human activities are now threatening many species, and those that cannot withstand these changes may be lost forever, potentially taking the services [...]


It’s All in the Wrist

Fri, 20 Dec 2013 16:18:20 +0000

The evolution of the primate wrist has been dramatic, enabling primates to adapt to a wide variety of lifestyles and walking styles, including tree-swinging, climbing and terrestrial walking both on four legs and two. In hominids, the evolution of the bipedal gait freed up the forelimbs for tool use, and the wrist evolved independently from [...]


The Transcriptional Profile of A ‘Wingman’

Wed, 27 Nov 2013 14:25:48 +0000

In many species, males have special adaptations to attract females. From antlers to stalk-eyes, to bright plumage and beards, males across the animal kingdom work hard to look attractive to the opposite sex. In some species, looking good isn’t enough, though. Male wild turkeys need a less attractive ‘wingman’ to help him attract a woman. [...]


Damage and Fidelity: The Role of the Female Germline in mtDNA Inheritance

Mon, 11 Nov 2013 15:13:12 +0000

Billions of years ago, one single-celled organism engulfed another, beginning a symbiotic interaction that would change live on Earth forever. The mitochondria are what remains of this symbiotic event, and are responsible for producing energy in all eukaryotic cells. Derived from a free-living organism, they carry their own genes, but these genes are at risk [...]


Current PhD Students

Current GEE PhD Students

Student PhD topic Funding GEE supervisor
Class of 2013
Jeremy Owen
Evolution of Reciprocal Sex from Lateral Gene Transfer in Early Eukaryotic Evolution CoMPLEX - MRC/EPSRC Andrew Pomiankowski / Nick Lane
 Arunas Radzvilavicius Mitochindrial Inheritance in the Evolution of Multicellular Organisms with Germline-soma Differentiation CoMPLEX - EPSRC Andrew Pomiankowski
 Elizabeth Gallagher Evolutionary Game Theory Models for the Origins of Agriculture and the Rise of Social Inequality CoMPLEX - EPSRC Mark Thomas
 Lucy Van Dorp Investigating Processes Driving Genetic Diversity Among Human Population CoMPLEX - MRC/EPSRC David Balding
Warren Emmett
    Vincent Plagnol
Leanne Grech
  Grand Challenges Studentship
 Jurg Bahler
Juan Camilo Chacon-Duque
  Colombian Government COLCIENCIAS
Andres Ruiz-Linares
Mark Hill
  UCL Impact / GEE Max Reuter
Catherine Walker
    Mark Thomas
Lara Meade
Andrew Pomiankowski
Marcus Lawrance
  UCL Impact / GEE
Oliver Davis
Helen Robertson
Max Telford
Laura Nunes
  UCL Impact / NHM
Richard Pearson
Johannes Girstmair
  Marie Curie
Max Telford
David Ellis
Jurg Bahler
Class of 2012
Anna Bove Design and Fabrication of an integrated microfluidic platform to perform high-throughput studies of ageing in C. Elegans EPSRC International Doctoral Scholars grant Eugene Schuster
Alexandra Whicher Investigating the potential role of alkaline hydrothermal vents in the origin of life Leverhulme Trust Project Grant
Nick Lane
Jose Antonio Barba Montoya Angiosperm divergence times: a phylogenetic analysis of genome-scale data sets
Mexico (CONACyT) Ziheng Yang
Konstantinos Angelis Statistical methods in molecular evolution
 Ziheng Yang
Ellen Dyer
A global study of the richness, spread and impacts of exotic birds BEAMS Impact award  / Zoological Society of London
Kate Jones
David Curnick
Effectiveness of marine protected areas for protecting migratory pelagic fish species
BEAMS Impact award  / Zoological Society of London
Ben Collen
Fabian Zimmer
Exploring the evolution of sex-specific gene expression differences in birds using a network based approach
  Judith Mank
Benjamin Robert Sobkowiak
The effect of population size and fluctuating demography on the rate of evolution
Francois Balloux
Francesca Jarero
Developmental gene expression in parasitic flatworms
Peter Olson (NHM) / Max Telford
Alessandra Dupont
Predator control of diversity: a case studies using microcosms
David Bass (NHM)
Christopher Steele
Advanced interpretation of DNA profile evidence: low template, mixtures, degradation, sequences and methylation 
BBSRC CASE - Cellmark Forensic Services
David Balding
Sayed Jaffar Abbas
Interaction of cold stress with Senescence Regulation in Plants
Islamic Development Bank
Astrid Wingler
Warren Emmett
Analysis of next-generation sequencing data to describe casual variants in paediatric eye disease
Moorefield Hospital Biomedical Research Centre
Vincent Plagnol
Cian Murphy
Investigating the genetic basis of rare cardiovascular disorders
Institute of Child Health
Vincent Plagnol
Tim Lucas
Macro-epidemiology of Nipah and Ebola viruses in bat populations in Ghana
Kate Jones
Naomi Barrett The effects of division plane position on cell size control and cell cycle progression CoMPLEX - UCL Jurg Bahler
Victor Sojo Origin of viruses and cells
Nick Lane
Class of 2011
Alexandra Crampton-Platt A comparison of the diversity of beetle communities in tropical and temperate forest landscapes using combined molecular and morphological approaches Natural History Museum / UCL IMPACT Alfried Vogler & Paul Eggleton (NHM / David Murrell(UCL)
Antonia Ford Speciation in African cichlid fishes UCL scholarship Julia Day
Andrew Higgins Evolution of gene regulation NERC Max Reuter /Jürg Bähler
James Howie Evolutionary genetics of reproductive performance and consequences for sexual selection and sperm competition in female stalk-eyed flies NERC Kevin Fowler
Simon Maddock Origins, maintenance and conservation of the Seychelles herpetofauna Natural History Museum / UCL IMPACT David Gower (NHM) / Julia Day (GEE)
Katherine Brown Evolution of carbohydrate digestion enzymes in human populations and relationship to Glycaemic Index BBSRC / Unilever CASE Mark Thomas
TBA Bridging the European and Anatolian Neolithic: demography, migration, and lifestyle at the advent of civilization EU (FP7) Marie Curie ITN Mark Thomas
Fraser Murdoch Applications of ecological theory to understand the microbial communities of the human mouth GEE / UCL IMPACT David Murrell
Libero Petrone System-level analysis of circadian rhythm in sea urchin Human Frontier Science Program / UCL IMPACT Paola Oliveri
Peter Rennert Biotracking for characterisation of ageing Drosophila CRUCIBLE Matt Piper
David Dylus
The Evolution of Gene Regulatory Networks in Echinoderms
Paola Oliveri
Libero Petrone
Molecular characterization of circadian clock in the sea urchin
CoMPLEX - Human Frontier/UCL
Paola Oliveri
Class of 2010
Sophie Atkinson Roles of non-coding RNAs in cellular lifespan of fission yeast CoMPLEX GEE Jurg Bahler
Zena Hadjivasiliou Evolution of the eukaryotic cell and somatic complexity CoMPLEX - UCL Nick Lane
Lucia Bettedi Role of insulin signalling in the metabolic decline of ageing UCL IMPACT Lazaros Foukas
Jorge Castillo Quan Genetics of ageing and molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration ORS / GSRS Linda Partridge
Yila De La Guardia Is ageing in C. elegans caused by hyperplasia rather than damage accumulation? Panamanian Scholarship - SENACYT David Gems
Orlando Doehring Algorithms for using genetic markers to estimate of breed contributions in crossbred dog Mars Industrial David Balding
Heather Elding Novel insights into the genetics of Crohn's disease using linkage disequilibrium
Annals of Human Genetics / GEE Teaching Nikolas Maniatis
Sahar Emran The role of amino acids and TOR signalling in lifespan determination of Drosophila BBSRC Matthew Piper
Anne-Claire Fabre Relationships between form and function in the vertebrate skeleton in the context of changing environment: Integrative approach based on imagery and three-dimensional geometric morphometrics UCL IMPACT Anjali Goswami
Marta Futema Novel mutations and altered LDL-receptor splicing in familial hypercholesterolaemia MRC Case Award Steve Humphries
Zena Hadjivasiliou Evolution of the eukaryotic cell and somatic complexity CoMPLEX GEE Nick Lane
Alison Jameson Field studies of sexual selection in wild stalk-eyed flies  IMPACT Award Andrew Pomiankowski / Kevin Fowler
Mirna Kovacevic Integrating archaeological material culture and genetic data using demographic simulation CoMPLEX GEE Mark Thomas
Sofie Morfopoulou Statistical and computational applications of short read DNA sequencing for viral sequence discovery Annals of Human Genetics / GEE Teaching Vincent Plagnol
Liam O'Hara Regulation of plant carbon metabolism in response to stress NERC / UCL Astrid Wingler
Claire Peart Investigating adaptive radiation in East African Great lake catfish NERC CASE Julia Day
Bartlomiej Tomiczek Comparative genomics of marine worms: conservation and change IMPACT award Max Telford
Alison Wright Mating system, sex-specific selection and the evolution of the avian sex chromosomes   Judith Mank
Mirna Kovacevic
Integrating Archaeological Material Culture and Genetic Data Using Demographic Simulation
Mark Thomas / Steven Shennan
Sophie Atkinson
Roles of non-coding RNAs in cellular lifespan of fission yeast
Jurg Bahler
Class of 2009
Verity Bennett Developmental Constraints, Palaeobiogeography, Rock Record, and the Taxonomic and Morphological Diversity of Marsupial Mammals NERC Anjali Goswami
Nazia Bibi Impact of ploidy on fission yeast genome regulation HEC/Dept - COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Jurg Bahler
Jessica Bryant Conserving the world's rarest ape: investigating the factors constraining the recovery of the Hainan gibbon (Nomascus hainanus) in Hainan, China ORS / GEE Helen Chatterjee
Anton Flugge Ecological pattern and processes in tropical rainforests CoMPLEX GEE David Murrell
Pascale Gerbault Modeling the spread of lactase persistence and dairying into Europe Marie Curie EU Mark Thomas
Avigdor Lerner A gene regulatory network underling the specification of neurogenic ectoderm in the sea urchin embryo BBSRC Paola Oliveri
Anke Liebert Genetics of lactase persistence in Europe and the Middle East Marie Curie EU Dallas Swallow
Bruno Marcos Lages Genetic factors determining quiescence exit in fission yeast University of Porto / GEE Jurg Bahler
Stuart Nattrass An Investigation of the effects life-history trade-offs and asymmetric competition have on the likelihood of species coexisting in nature NERC David Murrell
Tosin Taiwo The Role of DNA Methylation in Stem Cell Ageing
Deans Studentship (Life Sciences) Daniel Pearce
Laurent Van Trigt Experimental evolution of stress resistance CRUK / GEE Jurg Bahler

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