It is UCL's policy that Staff are appraised every year.  Staff and their line managers will be sent a reminder 3 months before an appraisal is due and will be asked to arrange an Appraisal Review Meeting.

It is essential that all staff are given a formal opportunity to discuss their performance and receive feedback as well as agreeing objectives, training requirements and/or support needed; and for this to be recorded. To help facilitate these discussions, an appraisal checklist has been implemented across the Faculty.

  • On-line appraisal system for Professorial staff PAR

Appraisal forms and completed checklists should be signed off by the Head of the Department and then returned to the Divisional Staffing office for logging.

For Professors who are appraised through the online Professorial Appraisal Review (PAR) system, please could a copy of the checklist be returned to Staffing once the PAR has been completed?

Full details of UCL’s Appraisal, Review & Development Scheme

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