Imran Rasul & Vittorio Bassi awarded Phase III GLM|LIC grant

Imran Rasul and Vittorio Bassi were recently awarded one of the Phase III GLM|LIC research grants. GLM|LIC ia a joint initiative between DFID and IZA to promote research on labor markets in developing countries. The project will be run together with their partner NGO BRAC Uganda. The total project budget is EUR 191,000 (or approx GBP 150,000).

The project title is Asymmetric Information on the Skills of Workers and Matching in the Labor Market: Evidence from Uganda.

Wendy Carlin leads introduction of new Economics syllabus

A new Economics curriculum will be introduced this year at UCL and other institutions across London, Paris, New York, Boston, Budapest, Sydney and Bangalore. The new syllabus is part of the CORE project, directed by Wendy Carlin. Please see the article in the Financial Times for more details.

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