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Taxation: A very Short Introduction by Stephen Smith now available

Stephen Smith's new book on taxation, published by Oxford University Press (OUP), is now available. It is the second book that he has written for the OUP "Very Short Introduction" series with the first, "Environmental Economics", being published in 2011. The "Very Short Introduction" series are a highly regarded selection of introductory texts written to familiarise readers with highly challenging topics in a brief yet comprehensive manner.
In this publication Stephen Smith explains the balance that tax policy makers have to strike between the effects on citizens and those on the economy. He argues that a more comprehensive understanding of the nature of tax policy, and the role and effects of different taxes, would aid public decisions on these issues.

Aureo de Paula appointed as a managing editor for Review of Economic Studies

From 1st August 2015, Aureo de Paula has been appointed as a managing editor for the Review of Economic Studies.

Students put CORE Econ syllabus to the test

Read more about the CORE Econ syllabus implemented by Wendy Carlin in the Finanical Times article.

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