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21 September 2017: The teaching of economics gets an overdue overhaul

The Economist columnist Ryan Avent praises the CORE Project for tackling the big picture and forcing students to grapple with the real world from the very beginning. More...

14 September 2017: UCL PhD alumnus, Andreas Uthemann wins ESEM Award 2017

Congratulations to our very own Andreas Uthemann (UCL PhD in Economics, 2015) for the ESEM Award 2017 at the 70th European Meeting of the Econometric Society.  More...

14 September 2017: Prof Christian Dustmann : #3 in top 100 economists from German-speaking countries

Congratulations to UCL Economics Professor Christian Dustmann. More than 3,000 economists from the German-speaking countries were considered for the Handelsblatt ranking of the most research-intensive economists. Professor Dustmann is ranked #3 in the elite list of economists for his work on Labour and Demographic Economics. More...

7 September 2017: A new paradigm for the introductory course in economics

Samuel Bowles (Santa Fe Institute) and Wendy Carlin (UCL) introduce the principles underpinning CORE - a free online interactive text that is now used as the standard introductory course for economics students at UCL, Sciences Po and Toulouse School of Economics.

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