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UCL is working towards expanding its accommodation provision for disabled students. All newly built residences will have facilities for disabled students and, wherever possible, adaptations have been and will continue to be made to older residences. Despite this, UCL’s provision for wheelchair accessible accommodation is limited. The following residences have accommodation that might be suitable for students with restricted mobility:

  • Langton Close
  • Frances Gardner
  • Ian Baker
  • Hawkridge
  • James Lighthill
  • John Dodgson
  • Schafer Houses

Some of these residences can be a significant distance from other parts of UCL, which may need to be taken into consideration. Car parking arrangements can usually be made where necessary.

Students should discuss their requirements with UCL Student Accommodation and UCL Student Disability Services at an early stage – before completing the online application. Where appropriate, a preliminary visit to view potential accommodation can be arranged.

It is important that you inform UCL Student Accommodation about any specific needs you have when you make your application. UCL Student Accommodation needs to know about your needs as early as possible as it may be difficult to allocate suitable accommodation later on in the process. When you inform UCL Student Accommodation about your needs you will be asked to fill out a self-assessment form. This will need to be accompanied by supporting evidence confirming your disability or illness.

Please note you have to apply for accommodation through UCL Student Accommodation. Student Disability Services does not organise accommodation for students. For more information please visit the UCL Student Accommodation web pages, here http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/accommodation.

Specific information for disabled students can be found here http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/accommodation/applications/students-disabilities

Instructions on how to apply for accommodation can be found here http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/accommodation/applications