Information Studies


Pete Williams

Peter Williams

Pete is a senior research associate (currently in an honorary capacity), based in the Department of Information Studies at University College London. He has spent the last 15 years investigating the use of the Internet and other ICT applications in the fields of education, health, scholarly communication/research, and the news media. This was first at City University and now at UCL, taking in UEL (University of East London) along the way. He is currently  examining how best to present and organise information on the Internet for people with learning disabilities, and has recently completed his PhD in the area.

Pete is also a research associate at the Rix Centre, a charity based at UEL. The centre is dedicated to improving the lives of people with learning disabilities through the use of new media technologies, and prior to his current research at UCL, Pete undertook much work at the Rix Centre, examining how information technology can be used to promote essential skills for special needs learners.

Pete can be contacted as follows:
Email: peter.williams@ucl.ac.uk