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Geoffrey Yeo: Recent Journal Articles and Book Chapters

  • 'Trust and Context in Cyberspace', Archives and Records: The Journal of the Archives and Records Association, vol.34 no.2 (2013), forthcoming
  • 'Bringing Things Together: aggregate records in a digital age', Archivaria, no.74 (2012), pp.43-91
  • 'The Conceptual Fonds and the Physical Collection', Archivaria, no.73 (2012), pp.43-80
  • 'Rising to the Level of a Record? Some thoughts on records and documents', Records Management Journal, vol.21 no.1 (2011), pp.8-27
  • 'Falando sobre Diferença: percepções sobre unicidade e identidade nos arquivos', Arquivo & Administração, vol.10 no.1 (2011), pp.5-11
  • 'Representing the Act: records and speech act theory', Journal of the Society of Archivists, vol.31 no.2 (2010), pp.95-117
  • "Nothing Is the Same as Something Else": significant properties and notions of identity and originality', Archival Science, vol.10 no.2 (2010), pp.85-116 [Full text pre-print]
  • 'Debates about Description', in T. Eastwood and H. MacNeil (eds.), Currents of Archival Thinking (2010), pp.89-114
  • 'Custodial History, Provenance, and the Description of Personal Records', Libraries and the Cultural Record vol.44 no.1 (2009), pp.50-64
  • (with Erica Ander), '"My First Professional Post": students’
    expectations of the job market in archives and records management in the
    United Kingdom', Journal of the Society of Archivists vol.29 no.2 (2008), pp.171-91
  • 'Concepts of Record (2): prototypes and boundary objects', American Archivist vol.71 no.1 (2008), pp.118-43 [Full text]
  • 'Concepts of Record (1): evidence, information, and persistent representations', American Archivist vol.70 no.2 (2007), pp.315-43 [Full text]
  • 'Understanding Users and Use: a market segmentation approach', Journal of the Society of Archivists vol.26 no.1 (2005), pp.25-53
  • (with Anna Sexton, Chris Turner and Susan Hockey), 'User Feedback: testing the LEADERS demonstrator application', Journal of the Society of Archivists vol.25 no.2 (2004), pp.189-208
  • (with Anna Sexton, Chris Turner and Susan Hockey), 'Understanding Users: a prerequisite for developing new technologies', Journal of the Society of Archivists vol.25 no.1 (2004), pp.33-49
  • (with Anna Sexton, Chris Turner and Susan Hockey), 'TEI, EAD and Integrated User Access to Archives: towards a generic toolset', in J. Anderson, A. Dunning and M. Fraser (eds.), DRH 2001 and 2002: Selected papers from the Digital Resources in the Humanities Conferences … (2003), pp.243-262

Geoffrey Yeo: Recent Books

  • Lynn Coleman, Victoria L. Lemieux, Rod Stone and Geoffrey Yeo, editors, Managing Records in Global Financial Markets: ensuring compliance and mitigating risk (London, 2011)
  • Elizabeth Shepherd and Geoffrey Yeo, Managing Records: a handbook of principles and practice (London, 2003)

Geoffrey Yeo: Recent Conference Papers and Presentations

  • Processing and describing archives in the digital era: challenges and opportunities, Conference of the International Council on Archives Section on University and Research Institution Archives, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados, June 2013
  • Archival description in the era of digital abundance, 6th Norske Arkivmøte, Ålesund, Norway, April 2013
  • Trust in cyberspace, Exploratory Workshop, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, September 2012
  • Archival arrangement and original order: are they outmoded in the digital age?, XVII Congresso Brasileiro de Arquivologia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2012
  • Educating archivists and records managers in the UK: a historical perspective, Arkivakademiets 20-årsjubileum, Oslo, Norway, May 2012
  • Records classification, archival arrangement and the third order of order, Norsk Arkivråd, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Oslo, Norway, May 2012
  • Archival arrangement: multiple orderings of the record, Association of Canadian Archivists 36th Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada, June 2011
  • Rethinking ideas about the record, Western Washington University, Bellingham, USA, December 2010
  • Speech act theory and concepts of the record, SLAIS Colloquium, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, November 2010 [Webcast]
    [Webcast also available here]
  • Telling the difference: perceptions of uniqueness and identity in archives, XVI Congresso Brasileiro de Arquivologia, São Paulo, Brazil, August 2010 [Full text]
  • Questions of identity? Significant properties and boundary objects, FARMER/NAET Conference on Archives, Records and Identities, Oxford, England, July 2010
  • (with Victoria Lemieux and Heather MacNeil), Toppling giants? Can visual analytics replace traditional approaches to archival description?, Association of Canadian Archivists 35th Annual Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, June 2010
  • (with Victoria Lemieux), Envisioning archival description, 8th European Conference on Digital Archiving, Geneva, Switzerland, April 2010
  • Educating for the digital domain: some issues for archival educators, contributed to panel session at the 8th European Conference on Digital Archiving, Geneva, Switzerland, April 2010 [Full text]
  • Describing archives in their totality? Thoughts on the construction of the finding aid in the age of Web 2.0, Archives 2.0 Conference, Manchester, England, March 2009
  • The role of the archivist in document management and records management, Congreso de Archivos Municipales Españoles, Lugo, Spain, November 2008
  • New approaches to archival description, Welsh Libraries, Museums and Archives Conference, Llandrindod Wells, Wales, May 2008 [PowerPoint presentation] [PowerPoint presentation also available here]
  • Records and representations, Conference on the Philosophy of the Archive, Edinburgh, Scotland, April 2008 [Full text] [Full text also available here]
  • (with Erica Ander), Student expectations of the UK job market in archives and records management, King’s College London, February 2008
  • Where lies the fonds? Custodial history and the description of personal records, Third International Conference on the History of Records and Archives, Boston, Mass., USA, September 2007
  • Users, information technology and standardised description in a non-standardised world, ARMREN workshop, UCL, June 2007 [PowerPoint presentation]

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