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Geoffrey Yeo: Selected Publications and Conference Papers

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

  • 'Can We Keep Everything? The Future of Appraisal in a World of Digital Profusion', in Future Archives, ed. C. Brown, forthcoming
  • 'Sir Hilary Jenkinson', in Encyclopedia of Archival Writers, ed. L. Duranti and P. C. Franks, forthcoming
  • Commentary on Terry Cook, 'The Concept of the Archival Fonds', in "All Shook Up": The Archival Legacy of Terry Cook, ed. J. Schwartz, T. Nesmith, and G. Bak, forthcoming
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  • (with Elizabeth Shepherd and Andrew Flinn), 'Education in Records and Archives Management: A View from London', in Integrity in Government through Records Management: Essays in Honour of Anne Thurston, ed. J. Lowry and J. Wamukoya (Farnham, England: Ashgate, 2014), pp.217-224
  • 'Archival Description in the Era of Digital Abundance', Comma, 2013.2, pp.15-25
  • 'Trust and Context in Cyberspace', Archives and Records: The Journal of the Archives and Records Association, vol.34 no.2 (2013), pp.214-234 [Full text available here] [Full text also available here]
  • 'Bringing Things Together: Aggregate Records in a Digital Age', Archivaria, no.74 (2012), pp.43-91 [Full text available here]
  • 'The Conceptual Fonds and the Physical Collection', Archivaria, no.73 (2012), pp.43-80 [Full text available here]
  • 'Rising to the Level of a Record? Some Thoughts on Records and Documents', Records Management Journal, vol.21 no.1 (2011), pp.8-27 [Full text pre-print available here]
  • 'Falando sobre Diferença: Percepções sobre Unicidade e Identidade nos Arquivos', Arquivo & Administração, vol.10 no.1 (2011), pp.5-11
  • 'Representing the Act: Records and Speech Act Theory', Journal of the Society of Archivists, vol.31 no.2 (2010), pp.95-117
  • "Nothing Is the Same as Something Else": Significant Properties and Notions of Identity and Originality', Archival Science, vol.10 no.2 (2010), pp.85-116 [Full text pre-print available here]
  • 'Debates about Description', in Currents of Archival Thinking, ed. T. Eastwood and H. MacNeil (Santa Barbara, California, USA: Libraries Unlimited, 2010), pp.89-114
  • 'Custodial History, Provenance, and the Description of Personal Records', Libraries and the Cultural Record, vol.44 no.1 (2009), pp.50-64
  • (with Erica Ander), '"My First Professional Post": Students’ Expectations of the Job Market in Archives and Records Management in the United Kingdom', Journal of the Society of Archivists, vol.29 no.2 (2008), pp.171-191
  • 'Concepts of Record (2): Prototypes and Boundary Objects', American Archivist, vol.71 no.1 (2008), pp.118-143 [Full text available here]
  • 'Concepts of Record (1): Evidence, Information, and Persistent Representations', American Archivist, vol.70 no.2 (2007), pp.315-343 [Full text available here]
  • 'Understanding Users and Use: A Market Segmentation Approach', Journal of the Society of Archivists, vol.26 no.1 (2005), pp.25-53
  • (with Anna Sexton, Chris Turner, and Susan Hockey), 'User Feedback: Testing the LEADERS Demonstrator Application', Journal of the Society of Archivists, vol.25 no.2 (2004), pp.189-208
  • (with Anna Sexton, Chris Turner, and Susan Hockey), 'Understanding Users: A Prerequisite for Developing New Technologies', Journal of the Society of Archivists, vol.25 no.1 (2004), pp.33-49
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  • Geoffrey Yeo, Records, Information and Data (London: Facet Publishing, forthcoming)
  • Lynn Coleman, Victoria L. Lemieux, Rod Stone, and Geoffrey Yeo, editors, Managing Records in Global Financial Markets: Ensuring Compliance and Mitigating Risk (London: Facet Publishing, 2011)
  • Elizabeth Shepherd and Geoffrey Yeo, Managing Records: A Handbook of Principles and Practice (London: Facet Publishing, 2003). Also translated into Japanese: レコード・マネジメント・ハンドブック (Tokyo: Nichigai Associates, 2016)

Conference Papers and Presentations

  • Capturing falsehoods? A records management perspective, Post-Truth Archives Workshop, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, October 2017
  • Challenging ideas about appraisal and selection: shaping our professional agenda for the digital world, Annual Conference of the Archives and Records Association of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Manchester, England, August 2017
  • Can we keep everything? Disrupting ideas about appraisal and selection, Association of Canadian Archivists 42nd Annual Conference, Ottawa, Canada, June 2017
  • (with James Lowry), Relationships between records and data and maintaining reliable digital information, Workshop on the Challenges of Managing Digital Information for Measuring Sustainable Development Goals, Senate House, University of London, April 2017
  • (with Elizabeth Shepherd), Managing Records fourteen years on, Annual Conference of the Information and Records Management Society, Brighton, England, May 2016
  • Trust and context in the world of digital archives, Norsk Arkivråd, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Oslo, Norway, November 2015
  • Records and information: continuing the discussion, Records Continuum Research Group, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, September 2015
  • Archives and records at the edge of the information society, 30th National Conference of the Australian Society of Archivists, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, August 2015 [Webcast available here]
  • Posner’s Archives in the Ancient World revisited: a new look at some old records, 7th International Conference on the History of Records and Archives, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 2015
  • Providing access to information in the domain of records management, VII Encontro de Arquivos Científicos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2015
  • Records and archives in the age of information, Jenkinson Lecture, University College London, March 2015
  • Constructing digital orders: evolving priorities for responding creatively to user needs and technological change, Annual Conference of the Archives and Records Association of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, August 2014
  • (with Kenneth Thibodeau and Victoria Lemieux), Boundaries, record aggregations and contextual relationships: meeting needs of different user communities in the archives of the future, Association of Canadian Archivists 39th Annual Conference, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, June 2014
  • Processing and describing archives in the digital era: challenges and opportunities, Conference of the International Council on Archives Section on University and Research Institution Archives, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados, June 2013
  • Archival description in the era of digital abundance, 6th Norske Arkivmøte, Ålesund, Norway, April 2013
  • Trust in cyberspace, Exploratory Workshop, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, September 2012
  • Archival arrangement and original order: are they outmoded in the digital age?, XVII Congresso Brasileiro de Arquivologia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2012
  • Educating archivists and records managers in the UK: a historical perspective, Arkivakademiets 20-årsjubileum, Oslo, Norway, May 2012
  • Records classification, archival arrangement and the third order of order, Norsk Arkivråd, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Oslo, Norway, May 2012
  • Archival arrangement: multiple orderings of the record, Association of Canadian Archivists 36th Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada, June 2011
  • Rethinking ideas about the record, Western Washington University, Bellingham, USA, December 2010
  • Speech act theory and concepts of the record, SLAIS Colloquium, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, November 2010 [Webcast available here] [Webcast also available here]
  • Telling the difference: perceptions of uniqueness and identity in archives, XVI Congresso Brasileiro de Arquivologia, São Paulo, Brazil, August 2010 [Full text available here]
  • Questions of identity? Significant properties and boundary objects, FARMER/NAET Conference on Archives, Records and Identities, Oxford, England, July 2010
  • (with Victoria Lemieux and Heather MacNeil), Toppling giants? Can visual analytics replace traditional approaches to archival description?, Association of Canadian Archivists 35th Annual Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, June 2010
  • (with Victoria Lemieux), Envisioning archival description, 8th European Conference on Digital Archiving, Geneva, Switzerland, April 2010
  • Educating for the digital domain: some issues for archival educators, contributed to panel session at the 8th European Conference on Digital Archiving, Geneva, Switzerland, April 2010 [Full text available here]
  • Describing archives in their totality? Thoughts on the construction of the finding aid in the age of Web 2.0, Archives 2.0 Conference, Manchester, England, March 2009
  • The role of the archivist in document management and records management, Congreso de Archivos Municipales Españoles, Lugo, Spain, November 2008
  • New approaches to archival description, Welsh Libraries, Museums and Archives Conference, Llandrindod Wells, Wales, May 2008 [PowerPoint presentation available here]
  • Records and representations, Conference on the Philosophy of the Archive, Edinburgh, Scotland, April 2008 [Full text available here] [Full text also available here]
  • (with Erica Ander), Student expectations of the UK job market in archives and records management, King’s College London, February 2008
  • Where lies the fonds? Custodial history and the description of personal records, 3rd International Conference on the History of Records and Archives, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, September 2007
  • Users, information technology and standardised description in a non-standardised world, ARMREN workshop, University College London, June 2007 [PowerPoint presentation available here]

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