Dr Wolfgang Mann

wolfang mann

I got my Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of California, Berkeley. My interest in sign languages originated in Germany where I studied and worked at the Institute for German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf in Hamburg (IDGS). I then moved to the US to pursue a Master’s degree in Special Education at San Francisco State University.
My interests include language development in Deaf learners, the use of bilingual approaches to instruct Deaf children, and ways to measure Deaf learners’ signed and written language skills.
During my post-doc at DCAL, I led a project that looked at phonological processing skills of young Deaf children, who use British Sign Language (BSL). For this purpose, we developed a non-sign repetition test for BSL, which enabled us to examine children's processing of single signs with increasing phonological complexity. This project ended in August 2008 (more information..).
In recognition of my work, I was awarded a research fellowship from City University London to develop a web-based BSL Vocabulary Test. This project, which ran from October 2008-May 2011, took place in close collaboration with Deaf schools and service units for deaf children in the UK (more information..). The test is currently available upon request for teachers and speech language therapists to use with their pupils.
I have also been involved in a DCAL-based project on deaf children's development of cognitive skills, led by Professor Gary Morgan (more information..).
In summer 2011, I moved to the United States to lead a new project on vocabulary development in sign language in which we use dynamic assessment procedures to explore deaf children’s learning strategies in signed and spoken language. This collaborative project with colleagues at the University of Texas, Austin, is part of a Marie-Curie International Outgoing Research Fellowship for Career Development.    
You can access information on some of my publications here.

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