Clinical Assessment

Cognitive Disorders Clinic

Members of the DCAL team work in an honorary capacity with UCL
Partners Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN), Queen's
Square, London, to provide a National Cognitive Disorders Clinic for
Deaf patients. For more information and how to make a referral.

For general information about the Cognitive Disorders Clinic at NHNN,
which provides both a mainstream service and specialist appointments
for Deaf patients see here.

Compass Centre

DCAL colleagues also provide input in the Compass Centre Assessment
Clinic at City University London.

This provides communication/cognitive assessment of:

  • Deaf sign language users
  • Deaf children who do not appear to be making progress with either spoken or sign language
  • Deaf children and adults with additional disabilities, e.g. people with Ushers', cerebral palsy, learning difficulties
  • Deaf people who have had a stroke or who have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease
  • Older Deaf people who are concerned about changes in their memory or thinking skills
  • Deaf children and adults who have recently arrived in the UK and who have limited communication abilities
  • Deaf people with persistent reading difficulties

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