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Deferred Assessment (Undergraduate Course-Unit Students Only)


If, through illness, you are prevented from attending any course-unit examination (in any year other than the final year of your first-degree programme), you may apply to the Registrar for a deferred assessment.

The application shall be made within one week of the end of the examination period in question and should be made via your Departmental Tutor and approved by your Faculty Tutor before being submitted to the Examinations Section. Your application should be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation (medical certificate or statement).

Deferred Assessment will not be allowed in any circumstances where prior planning could have made it unnecessary. All applications for a deferred assessment based on non-medical grounds will be sent via the Examinations Section to the Senior Tutor, for approval. Deferred Assessment on non-medical grounds is only permissible on the following grounds:-

Bereavement of a close relative (during or immediately preceding the relevant examination) e.g. parent, partner, sibling or grandparent;

Illness of dependent (nature of dependency and medical certification must be provided).

The deferred assessment shall normally be in the same format as the missed examination (i.e. if the examination was by unseen written paper, the deferred assessment should also be by unseen written paper). Where this is not possible, an explanatory statement from the departmental tutor should be submitted with the application form.

How to apply

Students should complete an application form and submit it, together with a medical certificate or statement, to their Departmental Tutor, for onward transmission to the Examinations Section, via the relevant Faculty Office.

Further conditions about deferred assessment are laid down in the UCL Regulations which are available for consultation in the Registry.

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