Sample Tests

These sample tests give an approximate idea of the style and level of question you might be asked in your UPC entrance tests.

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Compulsory Modules

UPCSE students study two compulsory modules and two subject modules.

UPCSE Physics Tutorial

1. Science and Society

This unit consists of lectures, seminar discussions and whole group research classes. These are designed to help students become more scientifically literate and to appreciate and understand the impact of science on everyday life. Lectures introduce students to ethical, social, economic, environmental and technological implications and applications of science. Topics include: History of Science and Society; Space Colonisation; Global Warming; Super Bugs; Nuclear Power; Science and Crime. Through practical research skills classes, students become familiar with academic practice and conventions. In addition, research initiative is developed to help students become independent and confident about presenting information in both oral and written form.
More information on Science and Society.

2. Academic English

The ability to communicate effectively in English is essential in order to be successful both on the UPCSE and your future degree course. Successful communication involves being able to write and understand good scientific English as well as speak fluently and listen and process correctly the information conveyed in lectures, seminars and tutorials. A fundamental aspect of the Academic English unit is the need for students to develop their reading abilities and extend their existing vocabulary strategies to cope with the amount of new information which is given over the year.
More information on Academic English

Personal Tutorial

This is a one-to-one weekly meeting between yourself and one of the Academic English tutors on the course. It is an opportunity for you and your tutor to discuss the progress you are making, to concentrate on any language learning difficulties you may be facing, and to go through corrected homework tasks or through other work that you have completed as part of your self-study. This regular contact with your personal tutor means that they can build up a clear picture of your language learning and the progress you are making, and they can guide you much more closely in your studies.

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