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> Biology

Biology students on UPCSE consider the highlight of the year to be the five-day field trip in May. This short film shows students in action doing biology. The film starts immediately after clicking here.

pdf Biology Syllabus

UCL Biology Field-trip

This unit will enable students to develop essential knowledge and understanding of the key concepts of biology, to gain an appreciation of topical issues and to develop an awareness of scientific methods. Theory classes, tutorials and practical sessions will all contribute to this. The course focuses on seven principal topics: molecules and cells, physiological systems, reproduction and genetics, ecology and the environment, classification and evolution, microbiology and disease, and biochemistry, including respiration and photosynthesis. The organisms used to illustrate these topic areas will mainly be drawn from mammals, flowering plants and microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses.


Students will also be given the opportunity to undertake work in the laboratory to develop planning, practical and evaluation skills. This practical laboratory work will support the module theory and your understanding of the topics covered. You will also plan and undertake experiments to test hypotheses as part of practical projects. These skills will give you the experience of laboratory work to support your further study. This year’s Biology field trip will see UPCSE students visiting Devon in the south west of England. The 4 day trip will give students the chance to use scientific skills outdoors in a countryside environment.

Biology Student Profile

Islam Egypt

Islam El-Konaissi, from Egypt studied UPCSE to prepare for a Master of Pharmacy program at the London School of Pharmacy:

Islam learnt that he would need to study a foundation course which included Biology and Chemsitry before applying to study an undergraduate programme at UCL during the summer of 2007. Shortly afterwards he was awarded a full scholarship from Dubai's Sheik Mohammed to study anywhere in the world.

Islam scored the second highest mark in his high school diploma (the Thanawaya Al-Amah) out of all students sitting the exam in the United Arab Emirates that year. Islam chose UCL after hearing that the foundation course would give him a very good chance of progressing to an undergraduate degree at UCL, or any other top UK university.

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