Mr Anthony Peacock

a.peacock [at] ucl.ac.uk
+44 (0)20 7288 3353

Mr Anthony Peacock

Work interests

I am a computer professional working in the field of Health Informatics with a special interest in the design, development and implementation of Computer Based Teaching Resources. I lead the Educational Computing Development Unit at CHIME, which has a very broad remit to research and develop the use of Informatics in supporting health education.


  • Educational objectives/needs
  • Good instructional design


  • Setting up and administrating email and internet services for our department.
  • Managing technical infrastructure for CHIME.
  • The use of Inter/Intranet techniques to support health education.
  • Authoring Tools & VLEs.
  • Digital video.
  • Maintainer of the HTML::Table perl module on CPAN.


I am module tutor on the Clinical Information Systems and the Creating Online Educational Resources modules for the CHIME Postgraduate Programme in Health Informatics.


  • Peacock A, Carrier L. Moving teaching online; the challenges, pitfalls and techniques. UCL's Teaching & Learning Conference and Exhibition (TILT) 2008. (Presentation) Abstract - View video presentation.
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  • Digital Video: What, When, Why? - CTI Centre for Medicine, 18-20 September 1995


  • The Medical Humanities Resource Database
  • The UCL Electronic Curriculum Map project (ECM)
  • Gateway to Health Informatics For Teaching (GHIFT)
  • UCL Clinical Research network
  • The Wellcome Trust Tropical Medical Resource - Programmer, Database development
  • The Anatomy Project
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care - Authoring Programmer
  • National Medical Slide Bank - Database Development

Postal address and contact information

Centre for Health Informatics & Multiprofessional Education
Royal Free & University College Medical School
University College London
4th Floor, Holborn Union Building
The Archway Campus
Highgate Hill
N19 5LW

Phone: 020-7288-3353
Fax: 020-7288-3322 (Please mark FAO: Anthony Peacock)
E-mail: A.Peacock [at] ucl.ac.uk