Nathan Lea

Mr Nathan Lea
Senior Research Associate

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Mr Nathan Lea

Work Interests

I am a Senior Research Associate working with the Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) group at CHIME on projects that involve the use of EHR servers in research and clinical care. My research interests include the role of information security in the use of distributed computing for managing healthcare data. I have completed a PhD supervised by Professor Dipak Kalra (CHIME, UCL) and Professor Stephen Hailes (Department of Computer Science, UCL): the thesis of the research is that it is possible to construct a knowledge management framework to manage policy based controls that govern the release of information from clinical data repositories and their use. One of the results of this work has been the invention of the knowledge model called the Secutype, which underpins a significant part of the proposed framework that implements a policy tool to guide researchers on how to handle electronic healthcare records in accordance with security policies when they are used for clinical research. I also teach on the Information Law and Governance In Clinical Practice and eHealth Module of CHIME's Health Informatics MSc.

Teaching and Presentations

Click here to view teaching materials and presentations that I have prepared and used up until 2012. Materials to date will be posted here by mid May 2015.


The list below does not include publications in press, papers in review or in progress, please contact me for details of these.

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  • Ausitn T, Kalra D, Tapuria A, Lea N, Ingram D: Implementation of a Query Interface for a Generic Record Server, International Journal of Medical Informatics, 2008
  • Lea, NC. Interpres: The Implementation of an Electronic Healthcare Record Application in an Enterprise JavaBean Environment, MSc Dissertation, UCL, 2003


Personal History

I received a BA (Hons) in Classics from The Department of Greek and Latin, UCL in 2001. I have worked in the area of IT in healthcare since 1998. In 2002 I enrolled on an MSc Conversion Course with the Department of Computer Science, UCL to formalise my knowledge of computing. During this course, I applied my working and research experience to the study of Health Informatics by completing a dissertation with the EHR group at CHIME. After working in the private software development sector, I joined the EHR group at CHIME as a Research Fellow.

Postal address and contact information

Centre for Health Informatics & Multiprofessional Education
University College Medical School
University College London
4th Floor, Holborn Union Building
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N19 5LW

Phone: 020-7288-3798
Fax: 020-7288-3322 (Please mark FAO: Nathan Lea)
E-mail: n.lea@ucl.ac.uk