Mr Benjamin Irving

Mr Benjamin Irving

Email: b.irving@ucl.ac.uk

Mr Benjamin Irving

Work Interests

I am a PhD student at CHIME, UCL and my research involves the development of a tool to assist in the detection of tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases by analysing airway deformation and stenosis.


Paul Taylor and Andrew Todd-Pokropek


I graduated from the University of Cape Town, South Africa with an undergraduate in Applied Mathematics and Physics. I am interested in the application of these subjects to the medical field and so went on to complete a MSc in Biomedical Engineering focussing on low dose X-ray technology. I received a Commonwealth Scholarship which funds my current PhD research. My current area of research, in medical image analysis, statistical shape analysis and classification, allows me to combine all my interests.


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  • Received the Walter Berdon award for the most outstanding basic science paper published in Pediatric Radiology in 2007.


My research focuses on the development of a computer assisted detection tool for paediatric TB. This research is part of a collaboration between the University College London, the University of Cape Town and Tygerberg Hospital.

This work includes the segmentation of paediatric airways from CT images, developing airway correspondence, modelling normal and pathological shape changes and using classifiers to identify pathology.


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Centre for Health Informatics & Multiprofessional Education
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Phone: 020-7288-3759
Fax: 020-7288-3322 (Please mark FAO: Mr Benjamin Irving)

E-mail: b.irving@ucl.ac.uk

Personal website: www.birving.com