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Dr Tony Austin

Work interests

My research focus is chiefly around the development of electronic healthcare record servers, in particular those based on the ISO standard EN 13606. A new implementation has been completed and now underpins application software for cardiovascular health (a demonstration version of this is linked from "Anticoagulant Control" at left), mental health, athlete performance monitoring and trials recruitment.

As well as participating in the evolution of the server and the development of further application domains, my current work includes critiquing the standard itself and preparing some publishable artifacts directly based upon it.


Some recent publications are highlighted below.

  • 2009. Austin, T., Kalra, D., Lea, N., Patterson, D., Ingram, D., Analysis of Clinical Record Data for Anticoagulation Management within an EHR System. The Open Medical Informatics Journal, 2009, 3:54-64.
  • 2009. van der Linden, H., Austin, T., Talmon, J., Generic screen representations for future-proof systems, is it possible? There is more to a GUI than meets the eye. Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 95 (2009) 213-226.
  • 2009. Austin, T., Sun, S., Lea, N., Iliffe, S., Kalra, D., Ingram, D., Patterson, D.. Clinical Benefits of an Embedd ed Decision Support System in Anticoagulant Control. Proceedings of ICMISE 2009, Tokyo.
  • 2008. Austin, T., Kalra, D., Tapuria, A., Lea, N., Ingram, D., Implementation of a query interface for a generic record server. International journal of medical informatics 77 (2008) 754-764.
  • 2008, Lea, N., Hailes, S., Austin, T., Kalra, D. Knowledge Management for the Security of Medical Information in Electronic Patient Records. In Andersen, S., Klein, G., Schultz, S., Arts, J., Mazzoleni, C. (eds.) eHealth Beyond the Horizon - Get IT There. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 136. Amsterdam: IOS Press, 685-690. ISBN: 978-1-58603-864-9.


As well as the development work described above, I have particpated in the following UK and European projects.

  • DebugIT - Detecting and Eliminating Bacteria UsinG Information Technology
  • DeNDRoN - Dementias and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network
  • SESAME - SEnsing for Sport And Managed Exercise
  • CLEF Services - "CLEF continued"
  • CLEF - The Clinical e-Science Framework
  • 6WINIT - IPv6 Wireless Internet IniTiative
  • SynEx - Provision of records across enterprise networks
  • Medicate - Medicate Asthma Support
  • Synapses - Synapses Federated Record Services

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